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How different are Russian Women from American women? Do they make better wives? How do russian wives for sale differ from other cultures? These are some of the questions that might keep you up at night if you are in a international relationship with a Russian woman.

I am married to a Russian woman. We have a very successful and happy marriage. She is all that I have been looking for to fulfill my life. Yet there was a very long stretch of time added on to our relationship which I used to learn about her culture. It actually took me three years to learn how to understand and make our relationship work. In the words below, you are going to read about areas that can cause some international marriages and relationships to fail. Keep reading to find those key areas of the best site for russian brides relationship that can affect your plans on marrying a beautiful Russian woman. Russian marriage agencies continuously claim that Russian women make the best wives and if you want a lasting and happy marriage with a beautiful woman, Russian women are pretty much the only way to go. While this is very flattering to the women in the Russian culture, there are some areas of the Russian culture that may not fit in with the American way of life. European and Russian women do provide a lot of happiness for Western men. And a large percentage of the time they do make a good match. Now keep in mind that Russian women are not perfect for every man. There are plenty of men that have found their flawless brides overseas and were very happy with them, yet this does not mean the same thing will happen for you. Russian culture and mentality is different from Western, and you need to make sure you get familiar with it before getting into a relationship with a Russian woman. It will save you time, money, headaches and possibly a broken heart as well. Russian woman are not going to be the best wives for men who cannot accept the idea of women loving their children more than their career. In Russian culture the expectation is for the woman to marry, have kids, but a career is not expected of them. Most women will sacrifice their career for the happiness of their husband and children.

For example, I know a family where the wife didn't accept a promotion with a significant income increase simply because she knew that the position would require more hours at work, which would decrease time she would spend with her family. To a Russian woman, making more money is not as satisfying than quality time with her family. Not every woman or family is the same and there are many Russian women that work long hours to make enough money for themselves and their kids to survive. In this case the family is usually very poor and is struggling to feed and shelter their family. And by "struggling" I don't mean driving a Toyota instead of a Lexus and living in a three-bedroom house instead of a five bedroom house. "Struggling" in Russian terms is not making enough money to buy warm boots for winter or nutritious food.

In most instances, Russians are less materialistic than those from western countries. They don't live to make money; they make money to live, so if you are expecting your Russian wife to spend most of her time making a career and just pop out a couple of kids in the meantime to let others raise them, then a Russian wife is not for you.

Don't get me wrong. Russian women are hard workers and almost all have degrees from the university. Most Russian wives work outside of the home and mostly all work after their children are 3 years old or so, but keep in mind the career and money will always come second to her kids and husband.

Another reason mature russian wives are not the best fit for a western man, is no matter how great the women might be, marrying someone from another culture and with a different language is a very difficult thing to get through. If patience is not one of your strongest qualities, and your Russian woman's English is still on the "basic" level, you may run into some serious challenges. To learn the language is not easy and she will require your help. If instead of helping her you will be slamming doors loudly in frustration, it is not going to go well for either of you.

Russian-American couples (our family included) often face similar challenges. It is up to you to decide whether you are OK to face them or not, but the most important thing you need to do right now (if you haven't already) is to decide what exactly it is that you want from your marriage and your relationship. If you learned enough about Russian culture and Russian women, you should be able to decide whether Russian women's essence and mentality suits your needs and whether or not she will be the best match for you.

Do not rush into anything and take your time. A relationship needs time to grow. Listen to surrey dating agencies your gut and go with those feelings. If you feel the relationship is not solid, then do not move on to marriage. If you feel the relationship has grown and you understand each other, then that is your green light to move forward. For me and my wife, we knew the time was right after three years of getting to know each other. It was a lot of trips back n forth to her country, but in the end it really paid off.

I don't recommend meeting a Russian woman one time and then filing for the K1 Visa. I know a lot of men like to do this, but you are only hurting your chances of a building a successful relationship and marriage. If it does not make sense to meet someone from your own country once and then immediately marry the woman, why would you do this with someone that is half way around the world? Take your time and enjoy the years of getting to know each other before jumping into marriage. In the end you will end up with a happier and healthier relationship for it.