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Our clients are, exclusively and strictly, the most discerning gentlemen, travelling globally in any part of the world, wishing to be accompanied by models possessing the very peak of natural feminine beauty-nature's finest-tender, exquisite flowers! We deliver only a genuinely elite quality of high class escort. The recruitment of our model resource is carried out by screening girls from the top modeling agencies of Europe. Beyond the condition of premium physical sexiness, the necessity of good English brides from russia, good interpersonal skills, and a well- developed personality and intellect, particular importance is attached to genuine personal candidness. Only when the girls demonstrate a genuine desire for interpersonal contact and making new, cosmopolitan acquaintances,- a wish to bring pleasure during their contacts with clients and to get pleasure from their work, can we be satisfied of their suitability. The booking system we have developed has been thought out to the last detail. Thanks to the participation of specialists in the tourist and air travel business, we can arrange an accompaniment for you in any part of the world with the shortest possible delay. The arrangement of the escort incurs no pre-payment from the client. We are delighted to present diamond international escort elite services.

Always on the move? Always spending lunchtime in idle chat? Living out of a suitcase - stuck in hotel lounge bars with nowhere to let off steam?? The strain of modern international business travel calls for more vital relaxation between meetings …… Smelt the coffee yet? Ditch that feeling of being only half-alive - simply pick up the phone and enter the vibrant new world of our escort agency model escort services.

As soon as you meet one of our beautiful Russian escorts, you can wave goodbye to those dull, empty, stopovers. Simply by being at your side and listening, your delightful companion will bring excitement and color to your travelling routine, and make doing whatever business you’re on more meaningful.

Looking forward to that skiing or snowboard outing in the fresh mountain air? Thinking of that walk along the warm sand in the moonlight? Perhaps a swim? Whatever your destination, with one of our lovely female escorts to accompany you on the journey, there’s nothing less demanding than getting there!

Already thinking about all the fun you can have with your leisure itinerary planned for you? Now you’re getting it! - with our escort services to take the hassle out of your trip, and a stunning babe by your side!