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Starting the conversation or beginning virtual communication often raises a number of problems. Many people cannot start conversation or communication and they need some strong starting point to attract the attention of another person. This is exactly when pick up lines can be particularly helpful because they help people to attract the attention of the audience and use some interesting opener that catches the attention and is interesting to hear or read dating russian girl. In actuality, it is possible to find a variety of pick up lines which reveal the full extent to which they can be diverse and noteworthy. At the same time, the use of pick up lines is very effective especially in terms of influencing emotional state of the audience, even if the audience is one person only.

Basically, it is possible to distinguish different types of pick up lines, such as sweet pick up lines, funny pick up lines, dirty pick up lines, corny pick up lines, romantic pick up lines and others. As a rule, sweet pick up lines are similar to romantic pick up lines and they are mainly involve the communication between couples, spouses, sweethearts, and so on. Sweet and romantic pick up lines mainly refer to issues which are intimate or close to the couple communicating with each other. At the same time, their main goal is to catch the attention of a partner and stimulate him or her to start conversation and develop relations further on.

Funny pick up lines are particularly widely-spread. In fact, they are probably the most popular pick up lines. At the same time, funny pick up lines are quite simple and they originate from a form of merging of an arrogant cocky attitude and being funny in a single pick up line. In fact, this is a very effective way of engaging someone�s attention in a social situation.

Dirty pick up lines are often unpleasant for some people because they use black humor or issues which offensive for some categories of people. Nevertheless, they serve to the same purpose as other pick up lines � attracting attention of the audience. As for corny pick up lines they are not always effective because they are banal and they cannot always attract the attention of the audience. Therefore, corny lines are rarely used.

Thus, pick up lines are extremely diverse and they are frequently used in the modern communication both verbal and non-verbal to attract the attention of the audience in social situation.