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Finally planning your trip to Ukraine to meet your Ukrainian online date could be one of the most exciting events of online dating. Both you and your date have certain hopes and expectations about each other, and at the same time dread about some negative possibilities. Sooner or later, you will find out that not all your expectations will be met and not all your apprehensions were warranted.

However, unexpectedly your first date in Ukraine you might discover some things you would never have thought would give you any trouble eastern europe mail order brides. I am talking about various cultural difference issues. Most of them may seem to you small and insignificant, but in the course of dating Ukrainian brides they may prove to be quite destructive to your relationship. Thus, we will take a look at some of such issues you may have to deal with.

Dress code. Some men, especially those from USA, may be a bit shocked by the dress style/sense of Ukrainian ladies, because it can be called anything, but conservative. Most russian brides prefer to wear very fashionable but quite 'immodest' clothes. They are not ashamed to demonstrate the beauty of their bodies. However, this does not mean they are available sexually. Most women here would not consent to have sex on first dates and some would not have sex with a man they are not engaged or married to.

It will not only be you, who could get a shock of your life, but your Ukrainian date as well, when you show up on your date wearing very casual or sporty clothes, which are the usual preferences of American and European men. Clothes such as corduroy pants, jeans and shorts are considered very inappropriate dating clothes by ukrainian women.

Smiling and chewing gum. Americans consider smiling and chewing gum as part of their way of life. Ukrainians go for the same habits, only in a different way. Because of this difference Americans think the Ukrainians are glum. This is not quite true, because Ukrainians also smile and know how to have fun, but only among the people they know. So if you keep on smiling and being cheery to everybody, including those you are not acquainted with even in public places, then people, including your lady, might think you might be a loony.

As for the chewing gum, Ukrainians, especially the older ones, consider it bad manners to talk to someone and chew gum at the same time. People consider it as an annoying and bad habit.

Flowers. Giving your ukrainian women fashion flowers on your date could be very sweet, but only if you give her flowers in odd numbers. Bouquets with even numbers are only for funerals. Another tip about flowers: never give your lady yellow flowers, because yellow is the color of leaving and separation. If your lady is superstitious, she could take this as a bad omen for the relationship.