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Getting from the thrill of the first date to the bliss of the wedding day may seem like a marathon event. Most guys don’t have a clue how to successfully take a girl from Point A (the first date) to Point B (the wedding) in a way that is mind-blowingly smooth and romantic. Believe it or not, the process doesn’t have to be so daunting! In fact, it can be a guaranteed slam dunk if you follow these simple steps.

The first and most important thing to take into consideration is the pick-up line. This moment obviously comes before the first date, but it needs to be included in this discussion because it is the all-important moment that defines your potential future as a couple. Use your wit and charm, but don’t try too hard or be obnoxious european brides. Be yourself (unless you are obnoxious). Show intelligence and, more importantly, show interest in the girl!

Demonstrate that you have familiarity with the girls – and I’m not referring to her breasts. A man who knows and understands the ladies is always more appealing than a man who is well-intentioned but clueless. Women are beautiful, delicate, sensitive creatures who demand respect, romance, and empathy. Prove to her that you understand this and can give her what she needs, and not just in bed!

Now that you have made it this far with your woman of choice, you may want to offer her an intimate massage. If she is receptive to your increasing advances, she will welcome this seemingly innocent opportunity to have contact with you. Giving your gal an intimate massage is also the perfect way to yet again demonstrate your familiarity with the girls.

Seal the deal by referring (silently, in your own head) to the oft-quoted rules for kissing a girl. Ladies like men who know how to show their passion with their mouths. Kissing doesn’t have to be a frenzied tongue-fest. In fact, many women prefer a slow, steady, thoughtful embrace that makes them feel genuinely loved and appreciated. When the moment is right, use your lips to tell your girl how much you love her, kiss her like she’s never been kissed, and in no time this wonderful woman will be yours – for a lifetime!