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I'm not gonna disturb you with a groundbreaking revelation, but girls are more often both too much complicated and simple at the same time. I think that each sober-thinking guy, when facing this, tries to come closer to their mindset and understand what happens inside the girls' heads. The world would lose its magnetism and charm if the guys could really understand what goes on inside the pretty female heads. And there's a separate talk of the Slavic girls coming out of native- russian girls.

How do you guess what they want, these attractive and often naive Russian girls? There is no hope, my dear buddy, that you can beat her with just sexual hook once a week, if lucky find a foreign bride. This is not all that they want from you. Most of these incredible women crave attention, care and love. First of all they want to grab a sentimental, romantic and tearful feeling. First and foremost, they want you to put in her ears sentimental, romantic and gentle words by tenderly whispering them.

Whether she is the most advanced and the smartest woman, but the female nature is always keeping top-position. As the ladies, who lived 1000 years ago, the today's Meet Ukrainian woman crave to hear the same old song out of men's tongue. Certain words and phrases powerfully affect a woman's heart with some share of hypnosis. Just imagine that you a snakes' charmer playing the flute and there is a snake dancing in front of you.

Why it is so and not otherwise, so it does not really matter; you should see that outcome is the more meaningful thing. The understandable issue arises: where it's possible to gain this "romantic nonsense" from? All of you have another set of manners in your gentleman arsenal. And any ticks won't help pull these words out of your mouth. You'll rather visit a dentist for tearing your tooth than squeeze out of you "I Love You, Baby"; and the more efforts from guys to say these tender words, the more women want to hear them. Deficiency of romance doesn't end with any good result.

You may envy your ancestors of Middle Ages; although science at that time walked with a limp, but the men used tested and perfected technology of loving intercourse with the female sex. There was no need to reinvent the wheel and to make wrinkles on the forehead - there were books with sets of ready-love letters on any topic. Just place a girl's name and the trick is done.

I've nearly forgotten about a very important thing such as a saying her name in conversation. Russian women really like to hear their name; you should always keep it in your mind, it's a trifle, but an important detail. Sponsored by guess shoes, make your girls happy with our fashion store.