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The Russian woman sung in poetic lines, idolised on classical cloths and uplifted in plots of novels, since ancient times involved looks and interest of overseas kings, sultans and knights. Hardly as the reason for that deep blue eyes, had pink cheeks or a harmonious and flexible camp served. Most likely, similar predilection and steadfast attention is caused by a state of mind and the character warehouse, inherent only to gentle and kind heart from far and cold Russia find a russian girlfriend. Where warmth and tenderness it is interconnected with insight of mind and hardness of customs.

Really, unless the English lady, with the refined manners, can enter into a burning log hut, or pedantic and practical German maids of honor - to rush under a train because of love, and the refined and coddled Frenchwoman – to bear the husband to the house on own to a hump after the next wine party. Only the Russian women, once and for all having chosen narrowed, it is capable to care of it to extreme old age, earning on livelihood, in charge of housekeeping and independently bringing up children. That in the bad dream and in refined imaginations will not come to mind to the same American.

Probably therefore, and can be – is not present, and today the Russian woman is the basic pretender for creation of family happiness in plans of many foreigners. But before to carry out it, it is necessary to strike up acquaintance to the bride at first. One get a job, where natives of Russia and the CIS countries at them in the homeland work. Others – come on the earth of the future wives. And the third use a site of acquaintances or marriage agencies.

Each of these ways is in own way good and safe, though any of them does not do without negative consequences from activity of swindlers. Therefore one small and effective council. If the Russian girl was pleasant in a photo or at personal contact – it is necessary to thrust to it on a visit and to live in environment habitual for it, at least in the neighborhood, and before – to invite to itself, especially to advance its trips or to sponsor its troubles it is not necessary. On it build the «black business» some «marriageable brides».