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At the age of modern technologies people very like to compare online dating service with street acquaintances. But how justified these comparisons are? The similarity lies in the fact that in most cases all acquaintances end after 1-2 meetings. But it is not so simple to esplain the differences in one. Internet dating with russian women as a process is rather like to communicate in a big club, where all come with one common goal - to find fellowship. Unlike the street-dating where often only the initiator is ready for getting acquainted gorgeous russian girls. Is it not the same situation observed in the club? One of the places to meet russian girls is a club. The club is a place where people communicate, get to know each other and enjoy it. And by the way, it is absolutely not necessary that the next day, you will meet again. Maybe you will find, but maybe not. The same thing happens on the Internet.

By placing the questionnaire, entering the chat, ICQ starting or leaving a message in the forum, the man makes it clear that he is open for dialogue, he is looking for new friends. The same thing russian women do at different marriage agencies. The objectives pursued in this case are completely different - the search for information, to search for intimate partner and love. And since the virtuality of the real invisibility means a visual companion, erasing numerous obstacles that are in the club: shyness, high cost, not anonymity, fear first to start a conversation, the fear of losing, fear of intimate details to reveal, it makes online dating as a club, much extensive in size and availability. But, unfortunately, it is available, invisibility, and a kind of anonymity makes this club a lot more complicated to use than real clubs and specialized.

The ability to communicate, to find the right people, to understand the person with the first letter or by his pictures, write letters, pick the right words to express thoughts and accurately, all of these abilities required for successful internet dating. If you are looking for russian girls online, it’s hard to find what you are looking for quickly, too much choice. If you have these abilities, it will be simple and easy, but if you do not, you should develop them, to reveal them, otherwise, you can not see the benefits of online dating. Thus, the process of online dating is very different from the street and even dating club.