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A marriage is the joining together of two people who have agreed to be joined together in unity, to the exclusion of all others. A marriage is similar to a legally binding contract and it is meant to be for a lifetime but unfortunately even though people vow to love their spouses they forget their vows once there is emotional,psychological or financial pressures. A marriage is usually between a man and a woman but in most advanced countries the laws have changed to include same sex marriages. A marriage is usually officiated by a religious officer hot russian ladies,a judge or anybody allowed by the laws of the place that the marriage is entered into. There are certain things that determine the way that a marriage functions these things are location, culture and tradition.

A wedding is usually formalized at a wedding ceremony organized by the people having the ceremony to notify family members, friends and well wishers that they have been joined together as one. A Russian wedding is a wedding that one of the parties is Russian.

In the olden days, Russian weddings were arranged and they must have the blessings of the parents, the parents usually agree at an earlier age to join the two and they start a non sexual relationship, getting to know each other during courtship. But with civilization, there have been changes to Russian weddings that have pleased Russian girls. These days a Russian girl can choose who to marry. It does not matter how a man meets a Russian girl, the marriage must reflect traditional Russian cultures. One of the old traditions is that the girl will meet the parents of the Russian girl and the Russian girl will in turn bake bread and take to the man's family, this is to show that she is humble and domesticated.

Usually the man that wants to marry the Russian Girl will pay some sort of dowry to the Russian girl's family to show that he can take care of her. Most Russian girls are excited that Russian marriages are not as strict today as they used to be. Russian marriages are unique and Russian girls take their marriage vows seriously. Russian girls make very good wives and believe in the sanctity of their marriage.

Do you want to marry a woman that is beautiful yet understands the importance of her marriage , consider a Russian marriage.