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Dear friends, of course, we are all with you can open any explanatory dictionary and see the value of the word. Love - a feeling of dedication and deep affection, the heart desires.

But at the same time, we are all with you know that "love" is not it. This interpretation may be used only by people not yet know the love, and even then not all. I certainly can not give the true definition of the word 100% free dating websites because everyone says it differently.

I think that for some, love means constant thoughts of his own half for the other holidays of all other thoughts when they are near their half how to marry a russian girl. Some say that love - is a small piece of their lives, others - that love - it's their whole life.

It seems to me that some girls love - this is when ready to go to the registrar, and for the guys - the feeling when you can live with my girlfriend all zhiznprosto so. For the poets: "Love - the goddess: Ambitious and proud, and perhaps an evil fate maidservants, and she is subject forever." For writers: "love - the only passion that paid the same coin, which she coins".

Maybe for some love - it's when they can watch in silence each other's eyes, oblivious to time, affairs, friends, family, and in general everything suschnom, and thus understand each other without words.

For others, love - this is when they constantly want to deal with a wide variety of classes together. I believe that some may say that love - it's quiet, calm, bliss and tenderness, affection and hugs, kisses and touches, from which just loses his head, and already seem to be parting minute wait for years, and lost appetite, because she did not rang.

Others will say that love - is the human need to the constant presence of another, it's not gifts, it's not nice words and promises, it does not serenade the night by the window, it's something strange, inexplicable and amazing.

For some, love - a passion, curse, play, poison for others - peace, blessing, reality, the antidote.

I think that for someone to love - this is when a person becomes the meaning of your life, you live it, breathe it, think about it every fraction of a second, you want all the time to be with him, and can advice dating tips life without this person, when you forget about the daily challenges of a hectic everyday and when it is ready to go to the ends of the light and throw it all: school, friends, parents, and when the world becomes more colorful, you just live and rejoice every moment of life, you do not just live and literally flying.

Many people probably would say that love - that feeling when you forget about your pride, principles, desires, and doing everything to be with his second half.

In my opinion, some love means always feel protected from all the hassles when you can absolutely everything to tell his lover, ask for advice. Maybe for someone to love - a force with which you can overcome any difficulty just for the sake of order that would achieve its goal, love is like a drug, loving person willing to do anything as a drug addict, he has many powers, but when there is something bad things all the forces leave, the person becomes weak and can happen an accident.

Of course, I have very small fraction of the definitions of "Love." But even in these lines is felt that each of us defines "love" in their own way. Personally for me, love means feeling when you're not thinking, ready to give their lives for their loved one.

We broke up 3 months ago, but I constantly think about it. I feel bad, do not want to. I even thought of suicide.

Once stood the night, went to the kitchen and picked up a knife, but woke up mom ... I do not see my life without this person. Why live?

To feel this pain in my heart! It's unbearable ... All is not hopeless, and a letter to the certificate. If you decide to take up a pen and write in a journal, then the peak experience is behind us.

Now the main thing - with minimal losses to get out of unpleasant debilitating memories. Make it quite feasible, flirting be ready to change something.

Guarantee substantial relief, if completing the following simple procedure. Every day you should make a ten walks. This is about 2-2,5 hours walking at a brisk pace without stopping. Upon returning home - pouring cold water. Regular walks during the month - and the heartache is gone.