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In 1998 when we opened our Russian and Ukrainian Marriage Agency in the city of Kharkov the purpose of this page was to discover Kharkov and Ukraine for foreigners, as there was very little information on this subject on the Internet. We were at that time the 1st and the only Dating agency in Ukraine that specialized in meetings between French speaking men from France, Switzerland, Belgium and Quebec i want to marry a russian woman. Many men who searched the Google - Russian women, Russian women for marriage, single Russian women - found just our Russian dating agency. In 10 years many things have changed.

We are now the largest French speaking agency in Ukraine. But now we see a great number of dating agencies and marriage agencies in Ukraine, France, Switzerland, Belgium and Quebec, Canada. Some dating agencies have been created by couples of Russian women and Canadian men who met due to our agency and are our partners now.

But we also see dozens of dating agencies with Russian and Ukrainian women who do fraud, we see thousands of people (we wanted to write thousands of Russian women speaking french but in reality they are often men) who have occupied all dating sites with free registration without any restraint to the scam "Russian woman". Men have less and less confidence in Russian women dating sites and the issue of trust is very important even for an agency as well known as ours.

Here are the answers to the questions usually asked to ensure in our honesty.

1. Where is your office?

The address of the Ukrainian office of our agency and our subsidiaries you can find at the homepage of the site. Our main office is located in the center of Kharkov (the 2nd large Ukrainian city after Kiev with almost 2 million citizens, the 3rd university center of the whole former USSR) in the building of the Opera House (25 Sumskaya street, 61057, Kharkiv, Ukraine). The French office of our Russian dating agency is located in Moret-sur-Loing, 60 km from Paris, 2A Rue Madame. The Canada office of our agency is located in Montreal, 469 Jean Talon West, Suite 316 Quebec H3N 1R4 - Russian women in Canada

2. Why your Russian and Ukrainian women marriage agency is called?

Because it's pronounced like the country of Ukraine, but also contains the word "Reine" that means "Queen" in French with which we associate beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women.

3. Why do you write first dating agency, then marriage agency, sometimes Russian women marriage agency and then Ukrainian women marriage agency?

We are more than a marriage agency because no marriage is possible without meeting, so we also provide a dating service, but a meeting with a Russian or Ukrainian woman is just the first step towards marriage. What for the nationality of women they all are citizens of Ukraine and as Kharkov is just 60 km from the border with Russia, the majority of women are of Russian origin and speak Russian. That's why we talk about both Russian women and Ukrainian women and propose marriage with Russian women who speak English.