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So, filling in your profile in the marriage agency dating with beautiful Russian girls and women. In fact, this is an extremely important part - in the first place can be like any girl so to speak "with the profile. Ie sprinkling in a personal letter from beautiful Russian women. Well, maybe not sprinkling, and not all of them will be fine - a stranger in a sense - but to find a way interesting Russian girl is quite possible. And secondly, if the perfect Russian bride like your message and she decides to answer - where she will appear in the first place? Correct. On the profile. Anyway. In the real encounter on their looks - and on dating sites - on your profile. So give this important yavlniyu maximum attention, and we will devote an entire article to this phenomenon. So.

The first and most important point - do not be commonplace. Survey - thousands, sometimes even millions. And most of them completely merge into one legit russian mail order brides. Therefore, the main thing - is to make this profile stood out from the crowd. That she remembered every single Russian girl, read it - that she wanted to return to scrolling through a dozen more similar to each other, but not similar to your profile.

A good thing in this case, by the way, will see a couple of dozen men's profiles. It is in order to catch the feeling - uniformity and banality, when written the same thing with the only difference in names and grammatical errors. So you can understand the very important thing - which should be avoided. Now, considering that there are undesirable to turn to what is desirable. The first - seems to be a trifle, but a trifle conspicuous. This, ladies and gentlemen, the correctness of language. Remember, your goal is not in general measure their knowledge of the Newspeak of what some online translator, your goal - to get profile with an intelligent and beautiful Russian bride, which in the long run quite get invited to interview, and more - is the scope of real life. What do you think, pretty and clever girl in general will talk with the man who, even on its own can not write without mat, Newspeak and grammatical errors? Such profiles, she sees not just one or two a day. And not three, of course. So do not be trite illiterate. And should be literate. Next. Not lie. You're going to move knowledge into reality, remember? And lie will very quickly. It should? :)

Next. Do not specify their working coordinates. Imagine the joy of your managers, and possibly superior, when the mailbox will overflow with love letters and photographs of traffic will be absorbed by different Cepen naked? Adopt soap on any free hosting - and forward. The same applies to telephones. Even do not try to publish the home, much less work. As for mobile - depends on how much you are willing to take calls and smski not only from the girls, but also from all sorts of perverts. These occur. Or just pranksters - these do not occur often. And give his favorite lonely Russian woman always have time.

One of the most important parts of the profile - this picture. Not one that is very desirable. But the "core", so to speak, I should say especially. First it must be of high quality and good. No fuzziness and slurred should not be. A clear and good photos. Secondly, it should be yours. :). Again, the purpose for marriage site - the continuation of this most dating in real. A acquaintance with an explanation that it was you and there is very broad-shouldered, curly blond hair, and now just're - this is not the best way to start a first date.

Also, second - the photograph must be similar to your real and present. If the last six months that have passed from the time when you are imprinted on the photo you nalyso monk, gained or lost pounds 20, or had an operation to correct his ears - it is better to be photographed again. Otherwise the risk is the same problem. This picture should be natural. Well, estetsvenno, presentable - the naturalness of photographs "I'm terrible bodunischa" or "I shoveled manure as giving" some do not correlate with your goal - familiarity with the best Russian bride. Cheerful and optimistic young man in a neat clothes and with a normal appearance - it is always playing scheme. She and best use. Well, except for your guests at the pictures too because something is present. There also are a few rules: First do not be photographed against the backdrop of expensive yachts and cars. Even if this is your boat and cars. It is trite, pathetic, and, sorry, a bit dully. I stress that - even if on a real date you can come to the very Saab, which is depicted in your photo. Do not be trivial)

Next. Photos in the style of "I'm third from the right. No group, excuse the expression, photographs. No family photos. In my opinion, even the image on your favorite photos of the Persian cat or Caucasian sheep - and it is not permissible. But - perhaps you ischeschte with whom they are bored absent from his dog? Why - because you get to know and the more factors distract it from your guests - the worse. That proved. And of course keep some good pictures in stock. :) Not to chant something inaudible in answer to the question "And you have pictures?" By the way, please note that the picture size in megabytes, especially not wanted. Irritating, to be honest:) So take care of their future fan of - do not do pictures are too big. And another point. Erotic or okoloeroticheskie photos - this one. And men - a few more. Nuance is roughly the same between cof porn with lesbian scenes and adult film with homosexual sex between men. And the girls, the majority of the sensations such.