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If you want to be successful online with Russian dating then start where you are. You have pictures and bios that can indicate which women might be on your list of potential wives. As you go through this list remember that you may need to reach out to many before narrowing it down to one legitimate mail order brides. It's a little bit like shopping for something perfect. You need to try on many different items before you find the exact right fit.

You can only learn so much from the initial introductory photo and biography. Without actually engaging with these women it is impossible to tell whether there is any sign of compatibility. There are all kinds of little nuances between a man and a woman that can create a lasting healthy relationship or create a living nightmare.

If you are seeking a traditional woman that wants to be a wife and a mother, then please do not waste your time trying to change a woman into something she is not. If she wants to get married, get an education and pursue her goals, she is not going to be happy sitting at home being just a wife. You can't make her be happy fulfilling only your goals.

Don't stress out and don't put pressure all over your conversations. All you're doing is talking to a woman and it doesn't have to be anything more than that for awhile. You're learning about her and she is learning about you. The fastest way to fail at being successful online with Russian dating is to create all kinds of pressure where there doesn't have to be any.

As you discuss the various things that come up, notice how well you can disagree on a point without investment in the outcome. Maybe it's something small like a preference in weather or maybe it's something big like whether or not to have children. Does the entire conversation derail or are you both able to turn it around a little bit and respect the difference of opinion?

Is it marriage or is it love? If you are looking for the first and just hoping for the second then you are in the right ballpark. Many Russian women marry their Western husbands and eventually do fall in love with them. Love takes time. Marriage takes much less time. It is vital that you know the difference going into it so that you and your new wife end up happy.

There are all kinds of little details that can make Russian online dating work and all kinds of little details that can cause it to come crashing down around you. It is a risk, but it isn't really any more risky than developing a relationship with a local woman. Relationships mean that you put yourself out there and that you might feel some pain along the way.

Remember that this could end up being a real life relationship and thus you need to be as authentic as possible. You are there to find a woman to be your wife, you're not there looking to live as someone else. You are you and those details that make up the core of who you are should be honest. Lying now will only cause distress in the future. Even if you're not keen on the answer, tell the truth. Developing the relationship into what it could be takes some time, but it also takes a constant effort at honest and true communication.