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It is one of the oldest quests on earth...the search for love. And YOUR quest has brought you here to the former Soviet Union. Good choice. You will find some of the most loving, intelligent, sincere ukrainian women you have ever known. It can be a little intimidating, but in the end can bring joy and happiness to your life like you have never experienced.

There are things to keep in mind. You are dealing with a different culture. Not bad. Just different. Different customs. Different expectations mail order bride success. Different priorities. I will try to cover just a few of them here, but ultimately just interacting and spending quality time with these women will make YOU the expert.

One of the most common misconceptions is that Russian women are meek and subservient. Nothing could be further from the truth. These are smart, strong, independent women that have lived through challenging times.

Generally speaking russian girls are not obsessed with many of the things that "westernized" women have become known for. It is not about who has the biggest house and the flashiest car, or the hottest "hunk" by their side. It is about family, communication, education, security. Personality is first, looks second. As they say "The gold is on the inside".

It has been said that women here are like the women in the USA from the 1950's. In many ways it is true, but the style of dress certainly is NOT like the 50's! They are very feminine.....very proud of it, and not afraid to show it. Presentation is important. In the way they cook and serve a meal, wrap a gift, keep a home AND in the way they dress. They do have style!!

When you are in a committed relationship, you have a fiercely loyal partner. It is not always easy for them to find a partner because of fewer options, so when they do find a man that treats them right, they will make him feel like a king.

Are they all absolutely perfect? Of course not. People are people. But overall you have more opportunities, more REAL chances of finding the Russian women dating of your dreams here than most places on earth. It does not seem possible but once you have experienced it, you will understand. Believe me. And when you have that "special one" for you, sharing a warm, loving, passionate relationship, you will wonder what took you so long to look here.

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