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While choosing bridal gowns or prom dresses, it is not uncommon for a girl to like the dresses so much that she would be interested in purchasing several, as they are all attractive. And why shouldn’t she? Recently it became fashionable to buy multiple bridal sets to change into during the special day. Change all day long!

Those who simultaneously obtain several different wedding dresses usually plan in the following manner:

1. The most magnificent, exquisite wedding dress is to be worn to the civil and church ceremonies. This wedding gown can be crinoline, richly decorated, adorned with crystals and embroidery. You should match the veil, gloves, and train to this dress mail order brides europe. After the festive of the civil ceremony or the nuptials, this dress is taken off to be replaced by the next for the reception.

2. For the restaurant portion of the wedding celebration choose another, no less festive wedding gown, but one not as luxurious and long as the dress for the civil ceremony. In the restaurant, any bride would want to dance and enjoy herself, and it would be difficult to do so in a long gown with a train and a veil.

It is recommended that the style of wedding dresses, and mother of the bride dresses match, although the attire of the maid of honor should be more conservative if possible. However, you can play with the color. A bright dress of the maid of honor would show off the freshness and brilliance of the bride at any time of the year – both in the winter and the summer. The important thing is that the wedding dress fits you well, emphasizes the loveliness of your figure, and that you like it. Color preference is difficult to judge. Everything here depends on your facial structure, hair and skin color and your figure. Some will look lovely in pastel shades (although these tones are better left for the bride’s little friends), others will prefer scarlet red, still others will settle for black (which, though currently popular in the fashion industry, should be first discussed with the bride). Just don’t forget the harmony in jewelry and intelligent combination of accessories.

Do you need several wedding dresses? Yes! It’s practical and lets the bride feel not only beautiful, but comfortable as well throughout the duration of the entire wedding. Today, there is a wide selection of wedding dresses to satisfy everybody’s taste and help you find exactly what you are looking for.