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We have collected some of the most interesting opinions of European men about “hot russian brides”.

Peter Kaulitz, 21, student, Rostock, "I know a lot of female students from Russia. They are all very, very similar: both in appearance and manner to talk about the future, and in men they choose. They don’t even look at their peers, unless they have respectable parents. They choose men 7-10-15-20 years older, it is clear that all this is explained by finances mail order russian bride. A hot Russian lady is beautiful, but cold, and very prudent, at least I can say it of those whom I know."

Jonas Lindstrom, 34, journalist, Stockholm: "The Russian girls are very interesting and well-educated conversationalists, ready to support just any subject, much more interesting than the Swedish women who have shorter horizons. Hot russian brides are very fond of themselves, so they are always elegant and beautifully dressed, with make-up."

Polh Martinez, 28, manager, Geneva: "The Russians are smart and beautiful, know how to highlight their strengths and hide weaknesses. Russian women are strong in spirit, ready to go to great lengths for love and family, are willing to forgive a lot, vulnerable, sensitive. These women are a standard of femininity. I know such women in reality and prefer russian brides hot chat when I want to talk."

Justin D'Auray, 31, architect, Toulouse: "Russian women are very feminine and luxurious. These women want you to hold on their hands, buy fur, and do anything they wish. In contrast to French women, they are more liberated in a relationship, often make their first steps, easily offended, but temper quickly subsides, fun and easy, they live every day as a holiday. True, this holiday does not last long."

Anders Hendriksson, 29, mechanic, Ostersund. "I had a little chat with hot russian lady. The impressions received from a trip to Moscow in 2004. Russian girls are painted like dolls. They are very bright, smart, chubby, rosy-cheeked. They look healthy and happy, eating, perhaps, pancakes with honey, caviar and drink vodka, that's why they are so beautiful. Acquaintance told me about a Russian girl which he loved, and she was a crook. Now he says that all Russian are very calculating, dangerous, treacherous, all carefully think through, but I do not believe him. Hot russian brides are very sociable and funny, love to party, the Russian booze - it's something! ".

How many people, so many opinions. In any case, all agree that Russian girls are very beautiful and feminine, funny and stylish, good housewives and passionate lovers, and the demand for Russian wives abroad every year is growing.