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An affectionate stoke of the back or neck will bring your loved one (Slavic women especially due to their mental peculiarities) more benefit than just a few minutes’ relaxation.

Regular stroking may, Russian researchers believe, be an important part of a healthy life. Being very exposed to outer world, Russian women do want to be hugged and stroked at home. The longer a couple are happily together and the more stroking there is, the greater the benefits hot mail order wives. This only is true for women. Experts say it works best if it is not part of foreplay – sex can have the opposite effect on blood pressure.

Caressing a woman in non-sexual way can draw you closer to each other.

Stroking stimulate the brain to produce a chemical called oxytocin which slows the heart down.

Do not be shy to do this because russian girls like to feel your skin, your warmth, your being nearby. Frequency of warm contact is of great importance. The benefit from stroking was far greater than from the couple holding hands or simply lying next to each other. It is a new finding not only for beautiful russian women but for women in the whole world. The researchers say that stroking is something they would recommend for any couple. Touching in general is good for bonding and it creates natural relaxation.

Stoking will have a physiological effects, but it also have a psychiatric result: the more you touch one another the more likely you are to feel close to each other and therefore secure and relaxed.

Physical contact is vastly underrated in the relationship (let us not mention sex). Any form of physical contact does improve well-being.

But some women adept at ducking away from fondles because they think they mean sex.

And you should remember that not all russian women are touchy and the idea of being stroked by the partner for ten minutes a day is not their idea of fun.

Summing up, it would be useful to add some wisdom: