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On the Internet there are many services that let you get acquainted with another person: dating service, forums, conferences, ICQ, Skype, chat rooms, virtual clubs, on-line games. Each of these services continues to be shaped and formed by its own group of users. In November and December 2005 and later, in December 2008, there was conducted a survey, whose purpose was to identify preferences in the use of an Internet service for singles marriage dating. Polls have shown the following result: Least popular were acquaintances with Ukraine girls through forums and conferences (5%), more popular - through chat rooms dating (18-27%) and ICQ (16-20%), well, and the first place in popularity was taken by dating sites (47 -55%), which in fact is not surprising.

Today, thousands of people use the services of dating sites to meet Ukrainian girls. According to statistics, on the majority of known sites female profiles dominate upon the number of male ones.

According to the results of a sociological survey the bulk of introducing the age through the Internet varies from 18 to 40 years. The largest part consists of young people from 18 to 25 years (41%) and mature adults from 31 to 35 years (20%). There are minor users of the network, which up to 16 years (8%), and even older people aged over 46 years (3%). It is also a known fact that young Ukrainian brides are looking for the mature foreign men.

All these people have something in common. Undoubtedly, all these people should be educated enough to be able to work on the computer, at least at the user level. Plus, they must have sufficient funds to pay for access to the Internet. However, here it is worth noting that many people use the Internet at work (38%), it is possible not on every job possible. If possible, it is usually fairly high-paying job. Although, there can be exceptions. Many Ukrainian women would like to leave their country because they want to find real life somewhere else. They are disappointed with the life, with local men, with the country. They want to leave everything old and bad and start the whole new life with someone who would take care of them. You can say that Ukrainian girls want only money, but that is not true. They just don’t want to live at the same situation their whole life. What for to leave the country and still think about how to earn for a piece of bread, even without batter? They have enough of this in Ukraine. They want the new stable life when they can be sure in their future.