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According to statistics, in Spain every year couple register more than a thousand marriages of citizens of this country with Russian women. Such marriages are in vogue. Meanwhile, Russian-Spanish marriages are often very fragile. According to statistics, from 20 to 30 percent of marriages break up immediately. Many of them start with free chat with Russian women.

Most Russian women get acquainted with the Spaniards directly, without intermediaries, or on the Internet, or through marriage agencies. It is, first of all, about women, especially coming in search of dating or already working in Spain, mainly as domestic servants or in hotel and restaurant service. And also many Spanish men are looking for chat with Russian women most beautiful russian women. We are talking about the ladies of all ages, but mostly 40 to 50 years, from the Russian hinterland. According to the survey conducted by the Russian-speaking immigrants, the main reason for the search of Spanish suitors - the desire to live abroad on a permanent basis, to establish privacy and acquire material wealth.

Well, the Spaniards are attracted to Russian women in the first place, by their physical characteristics. Among Russian women there are many real beauties. In any case, they look quite different from the Spanish girls and Russian women to chat with Spanish men. They have a certain image. In view of our men all of them are harmonious blonde with blue eyes. Similar features for the Southerners, the Spaniards are the benchmark for the mysterious and very attractive northern beauty.

In some areas of Spain, the influx of Russian wives caused the original conflict. For example, the real tragedy is experienced in recent years by Spaniards from the south-eastern province of Almeria. Russians come here to work in the service sector and in agriculture, but very quickly become out of working housewives. Local Spaniards of all ages, mostly farmers, can not resist the beauty of the Slav: they abandon their wives and marry Russian. So in Almeria they have entire villages are composed of mixed Russian-Spanish couples. Those, who can’t meet Russian women in reality, can find chat with Russian women.

Meanwhile, Russian-Spanish marriages are sometimes very fragile. According to statistics, from 20 to 30 percent of marriages break up immediately. The main reason is the language barrier, the rejection of Russians Spanish way of life, the divergence in views of the spouses and habits. For example, a disappointing surprise for many Russian women is a sense of superiority over women, typical for many Spaniards. You can try to ruin this statistics and start with free chat with Russian women.