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Nowadays more and more girls use russian girls dating site service to find their love and happiness not at their own place, but abroad. Why do they do that? Why Russian girls prefer to marry John or Mick instead of Ivan or Yegor? Are they looking for love or just a trouble free life?

Our site has performed a kind of survey to reveal the origin of this situation. Here are some questions we were trying to discuss:

How many marriages are happy?

Each woman asks herself this question when she registers at Russian dating site. But what does it mean “many”? Each agency has its own statistics postal brides. Some have 6 marriages per year, others – 20. Even if only 2 people are happy to find each other – it is already a good result.

What if fiance is not young?

An average age of ladies, who register at bride agencies, is 27-38. Commonly they are divorced women, who have 1 or 2 children. There are many ladies who have never been married, not because they are not pretty or not clever. The situation is vice versa. Smart and cute ladies, who spent all their days at work can’t find the second half, so they come to agencies. As to husbands – their average age is 40 +/- 5. They are mature and successful people. Certainly there are young 24-26 years men, but to marry at this age is a mauves tone abroad.

90% of success.

Ladies, who bring professional photos to ukrainian women dating agencies, have more chances. Thus, sometimes professional photos are strict requirements at bride agencies.

Who is the first?

The system is: man should be first who come to Russia to visit a lady. He should learn the culture of the country, to meet a girl at her territory. Only after that girls are not afraid of going abroad. Marriage agencies escort their ladies to airport, purchase tickets, and provide ladies with phone numbers of Russian speaking representatives abroad.

Does real love exist?

Certainly it does! Serious relations come with time. Our ladies don’t expect foreign husbands to make them expensive presents. Foreign men are more self-confident and self-motivated. They really know what they want from life and are trying to achieve that. russian wives like that as they feel more secure and confident in future with those men, but not with one they have in their own country. That is one no one expects to meet the prince at white horse just after profile’s creation. But nevertheless, there are all chances to meet him in future.