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Generic methods do not exist. Uniqueness of each girl. And each situation. Must act according to circumstances. But a few simple rules, cautions, and tips to learn all the same it should. In the matter of how well acquainted with the girl, you need to start to determine the order for what you need it? Why do you want to meet you like a girl? For a brief affair? For long-term relationship? Themselves do not know why, just liked all? To enter another name to the list of ex-girlfriends?

That is when it is determined with an answer to this simple question, then we can talk about the rest. Depending on the response, and methods, and behaviors are quite different. Let's start with the simplest case reputable mail order bride. You like a girl, you often see it, want to learn, but not solved, respectively, only after looking doomed. The case is the simplest but most crucial. After all, this girl needed was an attempt will be only one! Have to live with the fact that the excitement is unlikely to get rid of. Have to overcome it. Courage. Move beyond all doubt like this, that laugh, do not answer, the phone will not, does not like and so on and so forth. Responses fears come true or not, will not be, if not to act. So, take the excitement as the norm, and forward.

What to tell a girl? How come you contact? Again, depends on the purpose and the most girls. If you really liked, I would like to make contact with possible development of relations, it will look and try to understand what kind of person, even from the side. Modest it, funny, shy, a bit fussy or calm? Watch (do not turn into a detective) and, depending on what the first impression (and it is known, often deceiving), select the style of behavior. If a girl is funny and open, then step up boldly, with a joke, be confident, will not prevent a little pressure. If, however, your sympathy is calm, a little shy, a contact is bad, do not take the pressure here. Excessive persistence can cause mistrust and suspicion. Calmly explain that you are interested in and offer to meet you.

By the way, with such familiarity try to keep your distance. Do not get too close ie do not break the intimate zone of man. Remember that the girl was absolutely not going to meet, and the initiative comes from you. And even if (and probably is) she was pleased to your attention. Treat the person with respect.

Ideal option for such a dating service - meet at the looking for a girlfriend. The girl is not a brainless creature, pretend to be short-lived. Perhaps in some way (eg, in cars, football, marketing, physics, device, sewer and heating systems), it is parsed and worse than you, but your true character and intentions are unmistakeable. And if the target - possible serious relationship - just a meaningless sham. You should not put on excessive plaque sort of confidence, self-love, self-superiority. It is unlikely that you will make a desired impression. Sincerity and confidence - the key to success.

As for the dating technique, it can be two ways. First. You come, and frankly, that it attracted your attention and you want to meet you. Invite to lunch, dinner, pick up the phone. Style of behavior depends on the situation. If you believe in a positive outcome, then we can and make jokes, act naturally. If there is some tension, instead of broad smiles and quite casually demeanor appropriate to a modest smile. Importantly - to show the girl that you really are interested in it. How to do it? Look. Believe me, the eyes detect any that occur in the head. And laughter, jokes, and so can only speak of the desire to conceal his agitation.

If you want to meet a girl you like, you should not take with you for the confidence and support each other, much better, if you're alone. If it is not one, then it is not a hindrance. If it is possible to make an impression on her friend, a double plus for you. Besides, the girl will flatter that came just to her. But in this case, remember that welcome to both and then translate the look and talk to the person of your interest. Not to disqualify her from a friend, let that quietly observes the scene. Say goodbye the same way - with both. In the process of dating is very important non-verbal communication. See the girl in the eye and smile naturally.

Do not be afraid to get acquainted with the girls. Remember that before you is the same ordinary people, like yourself. Even the guy would be flattered if it came up to him charming girl and offered to meet you. What can we say about the weak field. Think about that every day dozens of young people coming to the fairer sex with a proposal to meet, dine, exchanged phone numbers. This will be an event. And in order to deny, can only be a significant occasion. For example, marriage, the presence of a guy, or, at worst, if you are not interested lady. In this case, simply rejoice that simply do not have to waste time.

It is not necessary to bring down when meeting a girl just a large flow of information about yourself. To know each other, you can at the earliest, and possibly a subsequent meeting. If the situation allows, you can very briefly talk about yourself all the same, with enough familiarity to introduce myself. Your attempt to meet responded rudeness, laughing mischievously or phrase? What does this mean? If you are absolutely sure that everything is correct, do not look arrogant, not too insistent, it's likely worth it not be grievous, but rather rejoice that wrong choice. After all, whether a girl in a good mood or even, for some reason, she could not show their true face once, and you would lose a lot of valuable time.

If the purpose of dating is a short dialogue, just a desire to have fun for a while without any possible prospects for a serious relationship, then again it is better to be honest. No, of course, just say it all, what do you think should not. Enough to behave just do not give a deliberately untruthful promises not to talk too much. Any girl from the behavior of a young person without the words will understand what to expect. In such an acquaintance for compliments can not skimp. After all, you may see a few more times, and the short novel will be finished. So the time to shower her with compliments spectacular and can not provide more. But long been known that a woman likes ears!

You can meet at a party with friends. You do not need to choose the most vivid, striking the girl. The main thing - do not rush out and look at all those who are there. Perhaps the one that will bring you happiness, timidly sitting in a corner or help the hostess in the kitchen. If you want to meet a girl in the street, do not ask me what time and how to get to the library. Try to say straight out that she liked you at first sight, and you would like to invite her to a cafe or just walk in the park. Most importantly - do not be afraid of failure. Well, just think - no. She did not hit you felt boot ... you can always go to dating site Europe dating and learn there. In summer you can get acquainted with the girl on the beach. Bring the racket or ball and ask to play. Winter can be found at the rink, from searching a girl who skates well, and asking her to teach you this or any other tricks of skating.

A good place to explore - the museum. There, you can easily talk about a picture or any other subject, and ask her opinion. The same thing - in the theater. For example, to bring opera glasses and looked after during the intermission in the lobby of the girl, talk about favorite actors and unobtrusively offer glasses girl. You can give your phone. After the play, wait for the girl at the door and offer to carry it. You can meet in stores and in supermarkets, asking the girl does not know whether it - whether it's a good product, good. Or ask her to advise you on any thing to choose. Typically, women and girls are willing to respond to such a request. If you are interested in well-read girl, it should be read in a bookstore, talking about news, asking her opinion about a particular author. And then you can buy her a box of chocolates, cake and celebrate offer you received the benefit of her valuable advice or a happy acquaintance, according to circumstances. Do not neglect the possibilities of their aunts, grandmothers and any other relatives. They can introduce a good home girl ... It is necessary to look at the sisters, girlfriends, if you have it. To a neighbor, girls living in one house. In general, you can learn anywhere, nothing to be ashamed and fearful about it. Only need to be polite and look neat. It's only a movie women throw themselves at last year's stubble, and laxity.

In life everything is different. Normal girls like guys groomed, wearing a clean shirt and torn jeans. And no matter from Gucci. In light of many girls who appreciate a guy is not a fat wallet, not a prestigious foreign car, and intelligence, dedication and ability to be a reliable friend and a considerate lover.