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Why do Russian women strive for getting married to foreigners so much? Are they disappointed with Russian men? No, it`s different. Russian brides got tired of needy life and wish stability and good financial position. Imagine an ordinary inhabitant not in a capital but somewhere at a little out-of-the-way place or in a village. Life comes down to the struggle for survival for many Russian ladies in these places of the country. At first it is getting of an education by means of devastating parents` purse russia marriage. Then it is constant staying at work, if of course you manage to get employed to a more or less prosperous company and not to the market as a saleswoman. The search of a good husband, the one who won`t forget about wife and children, who will not drink and lie on the sofa waiting for breakfast, lunch and supper while his wife is slaving at work. And don`t forget about the payment of different borrowings for a flat, a car and other things. As a result of it there is grey hair, a lot of diseases and the loss of interest for life and other things. What a depressing picture! Growing daughters, they are observing all this and are becoming cleverer. They don`t want to have such a life. Every day they see another life on TV screen. Expensive cars, handsome, rich men who can easily present a yacht, pay for lunch in a restaurant or take the wife abroad. Girls do believe that their prince is waiting. All they need is to find him.

Foreign character really differs much from the Russian one. Even family questions men solve from the practical point of view there. If a wife doesn`t have much wealth and good education, what can she give to their family?

At times Russian brides attract foreigners with their plain tastes for conditions of life, with sacrifices for the sake of the family, with the desire to please the second half in gratitude for the welfare got after marriage. And we don`t even speak about the feelings which were sung of in Russian songs.

There are many examples of the marriages between Russian girls and foreigners. But there are more examples of typical “burgher” alliances where relations are built not with tenderness but with utility to each other.

And the point in that case is not only money. Let`s us suppose: “He loves me, he is attentive, cheery, independent, prosperous; he lives in a developed country, he is steady on his legs, he doesn`t drink. Yes, I don`t feel any ardent passion or love to him, but I like him and I feel easy with him. Maybe I should try?” Every third Russian woman coming to the marriage agency answers “Yes”.

More and more Russian and Ukraine women begin thinking so. However as the life shows, marriage for money is the firmest one. And as Russian women of a certain age don`t have any proper candidates because of the population situation, maybe it`s a way out?