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When a woman raises the question who is it she should welcome nearby her, a guy or a tomcat, she needs to wisely think, because both of them have their own pros. Russian woman thinks more than twice not to be mistaken and to make a right choice. You do not still believe that a tomcat can be more attractive than any other guy, do you? Firstly, as for the Russian men, so it's quite explainable why a myriad of russian ladies ladies walking their pets, can be observed early in the morning or in the evening in the streets russian and ukrainian women. Male cat is unpretentious and will not daily require clean socks and freshly ironed shirts. Also a nice kitty will enjoy eating even not heated food that she buys in a pet shop. Also a nice kitty will enjoy eating even not heated food that she buys in a pet shop, by not shouting for the favourite meal at the most inopportune moment. If a cat is sick, then he won't stay in bed round the clock, moaning about the sad fate. Conversely, if a woman is sick, then her pretty cat will treat her with a big devotion. This devoted animal will not grumble when a woman wants to watch her favorite television series; when hearing its nickname a cat will appear in front of her without any hassles. If her tomcat will find a pussycat, then that fact won't dip a ukrainian women into the sea of tears and she will not be tortured by puzzles whether her tomcat has real business trips every month.

Her cute tomcat won't pour its anger appearing after a painful conversation with superiors onto the woman head. Her nice animal will never fill stomach with beer and won't spend a lot of money onto the dubious pleasures like billiards. Her little meowing angel will love her as she is, with or without excess weight, with or without makeup. But, there are some drawbacks. For example, her cat will never gift her with a bunch of flowers she loves as well as this nice animal will never earn money to buy a new car. Her cute furry animal will never be able to meet her after work and to take packets stuffed with a food to the home or to open umbrella over her head when the rain does not allow her even open a mouth. A tomcat will never order romantic dinner in a restaurant for his russian wives and drink a glass of champagne in a light of candles, and at last will never give an incredible love night to her; more likely he will find a puny pussy.

And one more interesting moment, a cat won't be able to say many words of love, the only thing she can count on is a tumultuous meowing and a threatening hissing.