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To marry a foreigner becomes dangerous, but Russian brides, however, continue to do so. No doubt, many hot Russian brides wanted to marry a foreigner, even during the "Iron Curtain". And when he fell, with to marry a foreigner has become even stronger. The living standards in Russia have not improved, but in the early 1990s "marriage emigration" was moved by primarily economic reasons.

They moved it mostly in the American direction: the U.S. immigration law, with all its rigidity, was more loyal to arriving people for a permanent place of residence than the European one. Over the past 12 years, according to U.S. Department of Justice, there more than 75,000 Russian brides came on bride visas russian bride club. The same number of women, according to experts, emigrated with other types of visas, but with the same purpose.

It is believed that the demand for hot russian brides from Western men, in a sense was formed by a beauty contest. They created a “fashion on Russian brides” among the American grooms, replacing the fashion of the exterior of a "color" - especially very popular in the United States used to be Philippine and other Asians. In addition to external data, Russian brides benefit as they are more focused on family. Of course, beauty contests influenced Russian women who are willing to marry a foreigner; they have created an idea of their beauty as of profitable product to sell.

Also American men enjoy visiting Russian dating sites and chat with russian brides online. They also can not stop visiting porno sites when they can see millions of beautiful nude russian women. Western men admit that Russian women are very attractive and hot that is why they are of great demand.

American men prefer Philippine and other Asian girls, but at the same time can not deprive themselves in pleasure and check nude russian brides online. Numerous websites offer millions of video with hotrussianbrides. This is a profitable industry, but sometimes it can be harmful for Russian, as their reputation suffers.

To be objective, there is nothing wrong in the wish of improvement of living conditions. The only thing that worries is that the methods for this are often chosen unsafe. To marry a foreigner, found on the Internet, and live a happy life is a good dream and it can come true for any Russian bride.