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Nowadays, more and more men in the United States, the UK and other developed countries are looking for romance or family happiness with Russian brides. Most of them find it difficult to find a right person to create a family with in their own countries. That is why international dating sites with hot Russian brides become so popular.

Female marriage migration as a social phenomenon emerged in the 90s, just after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Quite a bit of time it took the researchers to understand that this is not just a trend, but a serious problem. However, to this day women marry representatives of foreign countries and leave Russia to become citizens of other nations hot russian brides search. They don’t care about what all this threatens their homeland. Online you can find thousands of services with russian brides hot chat, which are very popular with foreign men.

Sociologists notice ethnic feature of marriage migrations "the flow is dominated by ethnic Russian, that is the main population of the country." It is not surprising, because in the minds of Western men a strong image of the Russians has been formed, and in addition to features of character in this image are present and the characteristics of appearance - tall, blond, with fair skin and blue eyes, such girl is incredibly highly regarded abroad. And the girls do everything they can to raise this interesting, for example russian brides hot webcam. And in fact they are the primordial gene pool of the Russian nation.

Go abroad for young women: 60% - at the age of 30 years, of which 7% - less than 20 years, 30% - 30-40 years old. The average age of marriage migrants is 28 years.

Another feature of the marriage migration of Russians is their high level of education - more than half of them have higher education, many continue their studies abroad. For this type of migration that level of education is very high - the notorious "brain drain", which, however, is hard not to notice, making the emphasis on marriage takes place in a given situation.

The main problem of women's marriage migration scholars is the erosion of "super-ethnos" of the country, the loss of its national component. But this is to further deepen the already serious demographic crisis in Russia itself. Before Russians start seriously thinking about this problem, you can easily find russian brides hot webcam.