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There are a group of men who are interested in marrying Russian women. Some of them choose Russian women because they are exotic looking. Others choose Russian girls for marriage because they wish to reconnect to their family's Russian past. Still others prefer Russian girls for marriage because they feel they need a different kind of woman than they commonly see in the country in which they live russian mail order wife cost. Whatever the reason there is a growing demand worldwide for Russian girls for marriage.

The number of Russian women dating men from other cultures has been growing by leaps and bounds. Many of these couples meet on internet dating sites or through marriage brokers. Russian women dating non-Russian men is not unusual in and of itself. What has made the phenomenon of Russian women dating men from outside their country and culture different is the way it has grown over the past few years.

Russian girls are being sought out by men from Western Europe and the United States. Many of these men are expressing an interest in marrying the Russian girls after only communicating with them a few times via the internet or speaking with them on the telephone. People speculate that this is some kind of attempt to offer America or Western European citizenship to these Russian girls who will be forced to pay their suitors with their money or their bodies upon arriving in their new countries. It is very difficult to know if these claims are true.

Russian women represent remnants of an ancient culture. Many men are fascinated by women with unusual cultural backgrounds. This might be one of the reasons Russian women are becoming increasing sought after as marriage partners. Some Russian girls are taught the old ways of doing things. Some men find them to be more obedient and subservient. For many men that is attractive. They see western women as being too bold and aggressive. They long for the days when women 'knew their place' and did only what their husbands told them was acceptable. Western women on the other hand have had several generations of teachings that encouraged them to be assertive and demand right equal to those enjoyed by men.

The demand for Russian girls shows no sign of abating. As long as there is a worldwide demand for Russian girls and Russian women wish to leave Russia, the phenomenon will continue.