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Russians abroad always stand out from the crowd. You can fasten a baseball cap to hide blond hair, wear dark glasses in a half-face and go with an impartial view of a frequent visitor, people still walk and speak Russian to you. If you answer in good English, they will be very surprised, after all the foreigners are accustomed to the fact that Russians don’t know any other languages. So what do foreigners think of Russians, how do they see hot Russia girls?

At the resorts in Italy and Spain, Russian speech is heard much more often than local dialects. In Turkey and Egypt, Russians and Ukrainians have almost completely replaced the Germans and Italians, in any case, the latter prefer to relax in the hotels, designed for their fellow Germans with the Germans, the Italians - with the Italians.

For many foreigners Russian women are very attractive, many of them are looking for hot russia girls online. Foreign men dream to have an affair with a Russian beauty, then, some admit that fleeting holiday romance has become almost the most spectacular adventure in their lives russian mail order wives. Some, taught by bitter experience, by contrast, are afraid of Russians as a fire. Internet is full of advertisements of dating russian girls.

Several years ago I worked as an interpreter in a major international company. I remember when I first got a new job, I immediately was appreciated "Oh! Another Anna Kournikova!". For foreign men former tennis player Anna Kournikova was and is an example of Russian beauty. Very often, in different resorts Asian men were asked, "Are all the girls the same beautiful as Anna Kournikova!". The list of our hot russia girls, representing the beauty and femininity of Russian girls looks as follows: Natalia Vodianova, Eugenia Volodina, Anna Vyalitsyna, Sasha Pivovarova, Vlada Roslyakova, Maria Sharapova and many others.

At the resorts Russian girls can be recognized by brightness and showiness, the discrepancy costume to the place and time. Only hot russia girls can go down to the pool after breakfast in sandals with high heels and evening makeup. Only the Russian tourists, going on a trip to the mountains or the ancient ruins will wear mini-skirts and high heels, so they do not get off the bus.

Probably, all these are the reasons why many Americans and Europeans dream of dating russian girls. Thanks god, Russian girls love foreign man and seek their love too.