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Marriage is one of our most important social institutions. It unites not only individuals, but families and communities as well. But the institution of marriage is under attack. Some people point out that one out of two marriages ends in divorce and begin to proclaim that marriage is obsolete. They point to the rising trend of people eschewing marriage and opting instead to live together to shovel dirt onto the grave of the institution of marriage. But rumors about the demise of marriage are greatly exaggerated. True, the new morality, the impatience of many modern couples and their unwillingness to do the hard work necessary to build and maintain a good marriage has dealt the institution serious blows, but research has shown the best environment for raising children is an intact family russian mail order. It is important that we save the institution. One way it can be saved is for more couples to receive marriage counseling.

Marriage counseling is not just important when problems begin to develop in the marriage. Counseling should begin before the wedding and continue at regular intervals during the marriage. Premarital counseling can go a long way towards preventing many of the problems that plague marriages today. In times past parents, extended family and community played a role in preparing couples for marriage and stepped in to help them when things got rough. But today couples are largely on their own. Premarital counseling can help couples to anticipate some of the problems that tend to come up in marriage. The marriage counselor can also help them to clarify their expectations and help them to develop the skills they will need to deal with the inevitable rough times.

Couples looking for a marriage counselor have several options. They can choose a trained licensed counselor, a member of the clergy or a respected couple with a long successful marriage. The licensed marriage counselor has specialized training that makes them uniquely qualified to give guidance. But a respected clergyman or a couple with a longstanding successful marriage can also give valuable advice. No matter which one they choose marriage counseling can help couples deal with the problems that are sure to arise.

Some couples seek advice from marriage articles. These marriage articles may offer pearls of wisdom but it is important to understand marriage articles alone can't fully prepare you for marriage. Keeping your marriage alive requires commitment, communication and caring.