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What Russian Brides Want?

It's historically so that the majority of Russian woman are well-educated, smart and attractive. What is the most important for Russian ladies and what they expect from the relations?

Having been on the bridal market for quite a long time, we must assure you that the main things are love and security. Love, understanding, devotion and industriousness are the key characteristics of the partnership they are looking for.

You can often hear such a preference called "being financially secure" which means the man they are going to build a family with must have the stable job and be able to support the family of 3.

It's not a common characteristic for Russian brides to be after your money. Women in Russia experienced and learned a lot coping with this everyday surviving russian male brides. And ladies don't want' their children to face the same financial hardships as they had in their childhood. That is the reason perhaps that they prefer financially secure men. Financial base is good and even necessary, but further communication and relationship involves rather emotional factors.

You should be able to surprise, to be loyal, to treat her in a worthy manner and constantly work at the development of the relationship. Love for our Russian ladies anticipates commitment. The goal of being registered on some marriage website is serious itself because long distance relations don't make any sense without an ability to be together in future. Woman is ready to start family relationship with all possible consequences but she needs a kind of assurance that you are ready to provide her with this commitment. If you want to be taken seriously looking for a Russian woman you should note in your profile that you are in search for a marriage partner. It's no much sense in having vain hopes ans wasting time for pen palling. Russian women distinguish themselves due to the loyalty to age difference. 5-15 years of difference is quite normal for them. One of the answers why is it so may be that ladies in Russia and other Slavic countries grow wise and become mature at a younger age. They don't want to date the teenager. And some age difference also adds one plus to their feeling secure. But don't expect each lady of 20 pay attention at you if you are e.g. 50 y.o. or older. We may not face any hardships while virtual communication, but on a real meeting some misunderstandings are inevitable.

So we should believe in common sense rather than hope for a miracle or build castles in the air. Healthy, financially secure and attractive men are of the peculiar interest for women of Slavic origin.

Statistics show that there are only 88 males for 100 females in Russia. And it's an interesting fact stating that being single for a mature Russian woman is a shame. It's kind of a stereotype calling them “old maids”. That is why 20-22 isn't too early for them to enter a full-grown family life.

The pick of the social pressure on them is to get married at 27. Just getting married to avoid such shameful prospects to stay single or to escape to any foreign country available isn't enough for them. Russian women have dignity. Be aware that present-day Russia doesn't resemble much what you have seen in the movies about the times of the Cold War.

You may accept or not accept this fact, but you are unable to change the reality. And the reality is that just having the foreign passport is not ensuring your success with Russian brides. But personal qualities, merits and achievements will assist in finding your Slavic soul mate!