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If you want the russian girls to become urged against you, then you should follow the manners of those men, who have certain problems with a good part of representatives of weaker sex. If you know the male character traits scaring women away, then you will be able to control yourself and make a favorable impression, and allow the development of your relationship not to stop at the stage of dating scene.

If you are not interested in further development of your relationship, you should:

- Be emotional and share all your feelings and emotions with her, right from the first words and meetings; do not let her even open your mouth, except cases when she craves to express her compassion to you russian ride. Do not stop when speaking doubts about you, because you need to hear that all is well between you and that you have a good job, friends and so on. Avoid treating confidence and independence that are sexually attractive men traits.

- Always be predictable in order she could completely pass through a deadly boredom; therefore, be trite and never make her be surprised because of your unpredictable actions.

- Always demonstrate arrogance, talking to her in order she could realize that you condescend to communicate with her and you consider her stupid and worse than you.

- Show the manners of a boorish man. Just stare at other girls (not only looking as glamorous models) in her presence, maybe even flirt and do not forget to talk about your victories on the love front. Do not bother about her feelings. In a word, you should show her you're not the type of a man respecting russian and ukrainian women. But if you're interested in developing relationships with a girl, you should keep in mind that:

- Russian lady tries to grab a strong spirited man. Your sincerity will be your trump card, when you become closer and develop your relationship. Then you'll be able to have heart-to-heart conversations you really need, and a woman will even want to know what you have in your mind and inside your hot heart.

- Unpredictability and the feeling of freedom attract women; but this does not mean that you should become a "bad guy". Just be varied, like a mix of predictable and unpredictable one.

- Russian woman values a man by how he communicates with others. Thus, she envisions how a man would treat her during their closer acquaintance. If you want to impress a woman, show more respect to others. Remember, she is watching you.

- Russian women like guess clothing to wear always.