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Russian girls abroad always stand out from the crowd. You can put on a baseball cap, to hide under it your brown hair, wear dark glasses that cover half of your face and go with an impartial view of a frequent visitor, but any way, if you are Russian girl, someone will come to you and speak on Russian language. And if you answer in good English they will be very surprised, after all the foreigners are accustomed to the fact that the Russian and Ukrainian girls do not speak foreign language russian wives to buy. So what do foreigners think of Russian beautiful girls? On the resorts of Italy and Spain, Russian language already drowned local dialects. In Turkey and Egypt, Russian and Ukrainian girls almost completely replaced the European girls.

For many foreigners Russian girl is very attractive. Foreign men dream to have relationships with a beautiful girl, and after that some of them admit that fleeting holiday romance has become almost the most spectacular adventure in their lives. At the same time, some who were taught by bad experience are afraid of Russian girls as a fire. Dating web sites are full of advertisements of foreigners who will marry a Russian bride, even with children. Russian girls can be recognized by well-grooming, brightness and showiness, the discrepancy of costume to the place and time. Only the Russian girl can go to the pool after breakfast in shoes with heels and having evening makeup. Going traveling, only the Russian female tourists, going on a trip to the mountains or the ancient ruins can wear mini-skirts or high heels.

Every day young Russian girls go out on the street, as on the podium: put their hair in order, do bright makeup and wear the best clothes, manicure, and pedicure, perfume, while shopping or going to the supermarket for toilet paper. The length of the route does not matter - the corner house across the street or travel all over all the planned stores.

European girls do not behave the same way. Women in Europe don’t pay so much attention to their appearance, do not make bright makeup during the day without any reason and do not like shoes with high heels for everyday life. European women prefer comfortable and simple cloths. Certainly all of them can look bright and shining, but usually only for some special occasion. There are so many differences between Ukrainian and European ladies and only men can choose whom they like the most.