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Do you usually present flowers for women? I don’t mean some special days in year like birthdays, the anniversary of meeting, St. Valentine’s Day and so on. I speak about common days like yesterday and tomorrow. Do men have to present flowers for women with any occasion?

Poets always compare ukrainian women for marriage to flowers, they love to do it because their heightened sensibility to life and love. Flowers are necessary thing of any love story. Have you known any courting without romantically bouquets and flowers russian women com? When man gives a flower for woman first of all he wants to say how beautiful she is and that he has found her feminine.

Too big bouquets are not always appropriate, your bouquet have to touch her heart gently. The first task of flowers is to show man’s attention. Do you know popular Russian song about poor artist who sold his masterpieces and his house and bought million red roses for singer he loved?

Look at this letter written by young pretty girl.

“Some men might think that to present flowers without occasion is not possible and seems stupid. But I love flowers and want them! I want nice bouquet as a gift, but for no special reason. But my boyfriend doesn’t present them for me. He is nice guy, but maybe he don’t know how to treat her girlfriend”.

We asked many different girls from other marriage sites about flowers and all answers were like each other’s. single russian woman don’t know how to explain to men make more flowers for them in usual days. Maybe this reason was main for female revolution in USA? Maybe we have to start from the very beginning?

Once American journalist asked me about necessary giving flowers for Russian brides. She wondered: “Is it a must?”. I was shocked with question: “Why not?”.

Hollywood movies tell us about romantic, presents and flowers, but I noticed that Hollywood films and real life in the West are different things. They have nothing in common. Let’s see what did dating services online advice to their “fellow-sufferer”? They had different opinions like:

- Show a soft hint. Act gently with asking flowers, you can make a hint in telling him about your last walk near flower-shop and you liked red roses very much.

- Ask him straightforward! Men often don’t understand hints!

- Change your attitude about him! He will feel something wrong and will want to make you better with something pleasant!