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You will hardly find a Russian girl who hasn't been dreamed about meeting that man who will bring romance into her life. However, each women has her own meaning of "being romantic women". How many time I observed little girls playing princesses and drawing themselves on a paper near to the fine prince who will arrive to take her away into the wonderful country... Of course, children's imaginations certainly do not further follow. But some of the russian brides would like their dreams to come true. However, some of reasonably intelligent women consider such romantic actions like long walks on the beach and looking at the stars stupid and cheesy russian women love. Nowadays surveys show that the meaning of romance has significantly evolved during the last few decades.

In case the woman works hard five days in a week from 8 a.m. till 6 p.m, and at the week-end is being engaged in a work about the house it can happen she won't aspire to any romanticism feeling at all. She simply does not believe that one weather-good day there will appear some real man in her life. But if she observes you with a little bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates in your hands and a lovely smile on your face, she will forget about the weariness, and will rush to kitchen to prepare a hot supper for you.

May be long walks on the beach or candles seem to be so unnatural. But if you arrive to the seaside with you lovely person or try to spend time sitting at a fire on the bank of a small lake, your prejudices and doubts will go away by themselves. The natural environment encourages you to put your feelings out and rediscover your individuality in another way. If you ask anyone while walking in the street: "what does the phrase "romantic girl" mean?", so you will certainly receive some kind of reply. Everyone has one's own opinions concerning the notion of this phrase. The word "romantic" conveys notions of sentiment and sentimentality, connotes fantasy and fiction. It has been associated with different times and with distant places.

Russian lady is in touch with her feminine nature. She doesn't prefer to challenge men and competing with men wherever it's possible; she enjoys by making men pleased and is proud to be a woman. Russian girl has been taught to take in consideration the differences between men and women in physiology and sexuality while accepting those differences as laws of nature. Russian woman will never lose the ability to fall in love and enjoy great romance, even she is sixty years old her heart can be overwhelmed by strong wish to love.

Even being frustrated the Russian woman doesn't lose the ability to fall in love again. She recovers from ashes like a bird Phoenix, thus becoming more attractive and desired. You shouldn't be surprised, that dating sites are overflowed by tremendous photos of beautiful women. In Russia the men are in minority. And only the one third of them deserves the women who would respect and love them. So you have a great chance to meet tender romantic girl in Russia, don’t let the big distance will frighten you, because the trophy is going to be the best one ever.