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Ukrainian and Russian women, the best women in the world, but where do you find them? Yes, I know, Russian women are in Russia. But do you know where you can find Ukrainian and Russian ladies in one place at the same time? When they are on vacation by the Black Sea! In summer there is a migration of ladies from all over Russia and Ukraine south to the Black Sea. And one of their favorite destinations by the Black Sea is Odessa.

Odessa is a port city and as such it is a multicultural melting pot. Odessa is the closest major Ukrainian city to Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey russian women meet. As far as local women are concerned, due to the mixing of blood in this region, you will find women with many exotic and beautiful features here in addition to the Ukrainian women with the classic beautiful Slavic features. In summer, add to that the women who are on vacation from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and Moldova and you are sure to find a woman with the looks to suit you.

The west end of Odessa is lined with miles and miles of beaches of all sorts. Some more secluded (like some of the nudist beaches), others with the full services of restaurant/bar/night club right on the beach, and everything in between. In the summer, during the day, this is where you will find most of the Ukrainian and Russian women hanging out. And just as the ladies here don’t my showing what they’ve got when they are out for a walk in the city, they strut their stuff on the beach too! And if you get a sore neck from checking out all the beautiful ladies there is a good chance you can find a game of pickup volleyball happening somewhere to work out the kinks.

Oh, did I forget to mention, since it is a beach, there is a great big beautiful sea to swim in. If you come to meet a lady in Odessa you can take her for a date to the beach and either make it a quiet day of sunning, swimming, and relaxing at one of the more secluded beaches or, if that is not your style, you can hit one of the on beach bar/night clubs with your Ukrainian lady and party on!

Then, as late afternoon arrives, and everyone begins to leave the beach, the scene changes. Locals and tourists head back to their homes and hotels for a shower and to get ready for Odessa’s next offering. In the center of Odessa is a beautiful pedestrian only street, Deribasovskaya. It is lined with shops, bars, restaurants, and a beautiful little park with a fountain that “dances” to the rhythm of music and lights in the evening. In the summer you can find plenty of people strolling the street any time of the day but it is in the early evening when things really pick up. All those ladies from Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, and Belarus who were at the beach are anxious to show off their freshly tanned bodies and they look sexy! The “scene” on Deribasovskaya lasts until about 9 or 10pm. Wait, don’t go home yet! Odessa has much more to offer!

Beginning around 9pm or 10pm it’s back to the beach! No, not for swimming (but you could if you wanted) but for some of the most mind blowing partying with Ukrainian and Russian ladies that you have ever seen. In the evening there is only one place to go, ARKADIA! The first time I went to Arkadia my senses were overwhelmed. Try to imagine 20 to 25 nightclubs and numerous cafes and bars side by side in a one mile stretch along the beach. The lights and sounds are overwhelming. Many of the nightclubs in the center of Odessa just shut their doors during the summer as everyone is in Arkadia. So if you want to impress your Ukrainian lady take her out for a night in Arkadia. You Ukrainian woman will love you for it as Arkadia is a little pricey by Ukrainian standards but still cheaper than what we are used to. There is everything from just quietly sipping a margarita in a cafe balcony overlooking the sea to major heavy duty dancing and partying. If you are flying solo, there will be plenty of Ukrainian, Russian, Belarussian, and Moldovan women there to keep you busy.

And when the partying is over there is always a walk on the beach or a skinny dip in the sea!