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“What will you choose career or family?” – it’s a problem with choosing for most western women, but not for Single Russian women. Russian women have only on answer with any hesitation. Russian women are family oriented, they aren’t affected by feminism like American or Europe women, Russian women love family, enjoy it, and they feel much happier in family then in career.

The main goal in the life of common Russian woman is family. She dreams about nice family from her childhood, and have no doubts that family is the most important thing for true woman! Girls, who grew up in the good family, dream about the same in their life russian women pictures, full with love and happy childhood for their children. And there are women who grew up in bad families, but now they dream about own to make family life happier than they had. All Russian women dream about the perfect family, family life is the main goal, it’s a calling! But, Russian women want to spend her life with some successful job, but family is much important for them! And Russian women will always choose family opposite a career. More, Russian women are a be to work full day with two or more children at home! But these women are less happy because they can’t spend enough time with family. Many Russian women enjoy being mother fully; they try to take care about the husband, wonderful kids, these women spend weekends with family, have wonderful holidays together.

It’s interesting that in most cases finding russian brides online are pregnant in early twenties, when western women prefer to give birth the children after their thirty. In Russia very early pregnancy is a problem of course, but if after marriage a couple don’t have children, they think that somebody has a problem with health. The most important reason why do Russian women prefer to have children in their early twenties is a good health and more energy for growing children! And this is true, young woman is more ready for pregnancy than woman after thirty! So, more Russian girl dream about a good family and the career is question number two! In Russian culture family values are still important for people, and dating online Russian woman will choose family instead the successful career. That’s why you can be sure that with Russian woman you will feel yourself happier, she know how to care about the husband and children, she drams about good husband, she will bring wonderful things into your life!