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A person’s spirit and character makes the person’s individuality, that is why in order to understand the [b]essence of Russian woman[/b] it is preferable to begin with her character

When we start thinking about Russian women in general, the first thing coming to the mind (sure after their beauty) is their strength. Yes, these wonderful meet ukrainian women| are considered to be very strong, and a lot of situations and events in the history of their people up to nowadays give solid proof to it. Delicate shoulders of Russian women seem to be able to bear anything – hard work, poor economy, bad living standards, and absence of a strong man beside them who could support and make them feel a real woman russian womens personals. Notwithstanding all that a Russian woman faces these things with a smile on her face and firm belief that one day everything will change – she will meet a strong and reliable man who will love her and take care of her, who will let her feel a woman, not a fighter for living.

Another distinctive feature of Russian women’s character is their so called big heart. They have a lot of love inside it. This love cannot just be there in their hearts and be not given to anyone. So [b]Russian women love children[/b], love their family and relatives, they love their good friends and can do anything for them, it is only in Russia that one can come to someone in the middle of the night to ask for help. Only Russian heart can forgive everything. But all the warmth they have in their heart needs to be given to someone, and mostly to the family. It makes us understand another trait of Russian women – their being family oriented. Yes, this is something differing them from Western women who are feministic, career-minded and need a man just for change of their family status and having children. Russian women need a man as a head of a family, its supporter and protector. They have more traditional family values and prefer to devote themselves to their husband and children rather than to career and fame.

Being so much family oriented Russian wives are always devoted and faithful to their husbands, and even if their husbands make mistakes and can be unfaithful (but only once and not all the time) they are wise enough to excuse them and give them the second chance, which is always very necessary to a family which wants to survive, and not to break just because of the first difficulties and problems. Russian women understand that keeping a family going is a hard work, and they are ready to put all their forces into it. They can close their eyes to some things just to be wiser and make sure that their children will grow with both father and mother.

As for other characteristic traits of Russian girls and Russian women, they are mostly positive. These wonderful creatures are cheerful, life-loving, optimistic, energetic, hard-working, caring, tender, supportive, compassionate, agreeable, compromising, friendly, ready to sacrifice. You can see that Russian ladies are smiling even when they tell you about some problems. They have a good sense of humor that is why they will easily make you feel better if you feel sad. Russian women never leave anyone alone if this person feels unwell and do anything possible to give some help. Here their big heart again comes to our mind.

Still men are interested in a woman as a woman. So what is a [i]Russian woman like[/i]? What can she offer her partner? Russian girls and women are very loving and passionate. They make excellent lovers and it is hard to resist their passionate nature. They can wind you up in a moment, and it will be impossible to stop. Russian women are hot and sexy, and this attracts foreign men a lot, as women in their countries forget to be russian brides and to care about attracting men’s attention to themselves. That is what makes Russian women so popular with Western men, and if you find you like the idea of meeting a Russian girl and becoming her friend. You will never regret it!