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The openness and friendliness noticed and appreciated by others, and the style of behavior directly affects how people perceive you, and what potential you are creating for themselves.

If you are irting tips, open and relaxed, then you open yourself room for unexpected and diverse capabilities. You can get to know an interesting person, find a new lover, or just find a girlfriend, which will provide you a whole new group of people.

Flirt - this is a confident and positive attitude to life and one of the most effective means of communication. Many men have the ability to flirt successfully single russian woman com reviews, they do so easily and naturally, without thinking about their actions.

The impression which makes a man acquainted with, often made up of very simple parts. Usually these little difficult to take into account when communicating and can be made to work for themselves, because often they are perceived talker on a subconscious level, of course, if a person intentionally does not analyze your partner's actions.

Personal space Everyone has their own space and reacts differently to the invasion of it in various situations. To see the difference is enough to compare receptions, club party, Moscow discotheque or overcrowded public transport. What the people can not tolerate in some situations, they feel totally unacceptable in others. Under normal circumstances, a person involuntarily selects the most appropriate for a distance of communication. Sometimes you can see how a person begins a little removed at the approach of the interlocutor, or, conversely, to approach him if he is removed.

Many of the girls at club parties with new friends keep enough distance, to the other approach is much closer. Often the approximation of the woman and her touch may be an indirect indicator of her interest in the interlocutor. As a rule, if a woman has an emotional connection with someone, then during the conversation, it is becoming increasingly close to it, touch it or even unpretentious way to provoke a touch of the man. Convenient excuse for the establishment of physical contact - it's club dances and discos.

Try to find an acceptable distance for a specific situation and let the girl feel comfortable with you. Never in my childhood did not have to pull girls in pigtails? It was a simple and fast way to get attention. But not only. It was also a "reconnaissance in force": the human response because of a lot can be learned. If you're in my heart is still 10 years old or you're in a hurry, you can try to pull a girl for anything. Usually, however, to determine a suitable distance, not to grab the girl by any body part and ask her for it, how comfortable it feels.

It is not necessary to avoid approaching the girl, but we should not without good reason to become an occupier of another space. During the conversation the distance between people can change. Be attentive to the dynamics of change: it will allow you not only find an adequate position, but also to get some information about your interlocutor, to catch its unspoken reaction.

Touch can also be an excellent element of flirtation. They certainly added to the brightness of the relationship between a man and a woman. If you are a strong player and know how to correctly interpret the signs when meeting women, then you can try to translate the first flirtation to the next level. However, we must ensure that appropriate and natural touch to the appropriate level of relationship with a woman. Otherwise, the watch is a bit: if a woman is interested in you, then you will notice that she had no particular reason and with a smile touches you.

Have fun, flirt, do not have to walk to work. Positive status, optimism, friendliness, sincerity to help you better communicate and quickly establish contact with quite a stranger. Conversely, negative mood, apathy, silence and nervousness - a major obstacle to communication. In order to successfully meet and flirt with girls, you have to be in a positive state. But do not behave factitiously, it should be natural and spontaneous and unplanned sound.

Anyone who wants to be heard and understood. Be a listener - it's a real art. Focus on conversation, not on how to get the girl. Take the genuine interest in his interlocutor, supported conversation and you'll see in front of an enthusiastic and grateful person. Find a topic relevant to women, drop the stereotypes, ask the question, who had no one asked her. Make eye contact, but do not stare: no need to scare the girl. If you can be persuasive, the results did not take long. Although, of course, do not expect that she will fall at your feet.

You doubt, but whether it is worth trying to win his heart? Of course, it is worth, in the end, you've nothing to how to ay to a man’s heart. Make a good face on a bad game, you always have time, for example saying: "We argued with the girlfriend that you are not interested in women. I guess I won!" Believe me, there are few men capable of dispassionately hear such words. By the way, it is possible that here, then your long fruitless attempts to get his attention at last crowned with success.

This is an old tried and tested method - to become the best and irreplaceable friend of your chosen one. Has consistently emphasized its advantages (men in general are susceptible to flattery), carefully listen to the complaints and give sound advice and help in resolving the issues at hand from time to time to entertain than lint, preferably of his own making - in other words, train him to think that you are always near and he can count on you in difficult times. You can share his hobby, then you will always talk about. Of course, all must comply with the measure, being beyond the role of the girl to run errands. Remember, you - a friend, not a fan or a maid, so save your dignity. If you loved a man allows himself to at least one statement disrespectful or action in your address, advise immediately end the relationship - or "deep humiliation" and "a million torments" you provided. But if the friendship really took place, then everything goes according to plan, and the time for you to embark on its second part. Perish, and not necessarily mysterious, just go on vacation, where you will rest well before the decisive battle for the heart of a loved one. If you will be greeted on his return with open arms and the words: "How do you prettier! You know, I missed you so," consider that the forces were well spent.

You can, however, operate differently. Arrange his handpicked douches, skillfully alternating between fiery passion with icy inaccessibility. First, you appear before him in a frank, it is advantageous emphasizing your strengths clothes, flirting with him, throwing meaningful glances and his whole manner, demonstrating: "Honey, you need only to reach out, and I am yours!" After a while (the main thing to choose the right moment), your behavior changed in diametrically opposite: now you button up as in literal and figurative sense of the word, and the waves of Arctic cold coming on you can freeze even the most experienced explorers. And here any man would at least wonder why you like metamorphosis has occurred. And as if it belonged to you or initially, he becomes offended by the fact that he suddenly ceased to be the object of your worship. This means that you and the cards in his hands to bear meaningful pause, descend to the bewildered poor thing, kindly smile, get a talk, and if after all this, your relationship will not be closer, alas, have to admit that you are in fact not really his type. And by the way, the sooner you understand this, the better for you - a woman, for many years fruitlessly pursuing the man is truly a sad spectacle.