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An average agency registers about 400 visas for the brides every year among the women that lives in countries of from Former Soviet Unions. It’s only a quarter of all women that are registered by their company all over the world. And certain presence of these women could be Ukraine scammers. According to statistics 20% of all women who went to USA don’t get married in 90 days. 90 days is a fixed number of days that government set for couples who came from abroad. So they have to return home and they feel disappointment after all this. In some cases this is because of the fact that women are simply Ukraine scams ukrainian brides ru. But if you passed this you can apply for naturalization. You have to pay extra 2 000 dollars including hotel expenses and lawyer services. We must admit that in Europe the situation is pretty much the same. They are still afraid of Ukrainian scammers. United Kingdom and Germany are the countries where it’s the most difficult to receive a visa and further naturalization.

According to Sergey Sandera not all men register and pay for meeting a potential bride and to marry them in the future. Such men want to try something new, to dive into the world of passion. He can put his profile on web site, get acquainted with somebody and then meet them and by the way he can correspond with more than one girl at a time. It looks more like sex-tourism. And he doesn’t really care about Ukrainian scammers.

Though the wish have fun and then leave you partner is very common not only for men. Women can do this as well. On some web site the information about 4583 marriage swindlers is posted. 4419 of them are women and only 164 of them are men. You can also find 4583 e-mails of swindlers and Ukrainian scammers and 9521 photos of women that what to have only money from you. On this web site you can find also 20 online agencies that belong to swindlers. Several scammers are corresponding with men who are seeking for a future wife sending them love letters. And for each letter the man have to pay let’s say 4 dollars. But scammers refuse to give any e-mails or phone number to men telling that they like to correspond using a web site as a middleman. On such web site a completely random pictures of women could be put. And fake information about their height and weigh and hobby will cost you money.

The situation concerning online swindlers and Ukrainian scams has become so bad in USA and Great Britain so that the security services and public organizations were involved into this process. They initiate launching of web site where you can check whether you girl you are chatting with is a simple swindler from Toronto and not a beautiful girl from small Russian city. The thing is that some of the web site that claims that they want to help you is ordinary swindler as well. They can provide fake men and women checks and this kind of frauds took third place among online frauds. A single victim loses about 3 500 dollars in USA because of internet swindlers every year.