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Once a hero in a famous movie has said that you could teach a hare to smoke. So if you want to get back together with your ex and your desire is big enough, it’s not always easy but is possible to do! But be careful! The shrinks advise to think the situation through with great care. They say that before you start getting your ex back you have to ask yourself a question: “why do I need it?” Everything depends on the answer, on your personal motivations and ambitions.

In general, women have numerous weapons in this fight in which main aim is to get their ex boydfriend back. Some ladies are very radical and they use very strong methods, for example, to cry a river or burst into tears in front of their ex lover. Such females can even sometimes be hospitalized ukrainian mail brides. They are ready to welcome their ex in spite of his faults; they are ready to forgive completely everything. Other women flirt with the ex’s friends. Sometimes this can help to get a date with an ex boyfriend, who feels jealous. Sometimes they play this game so well, they don’t notice and soon get married. Well, maybe this way is better? Others try to lose some weight, the rest become workaholics and hope that in forty years their ex will think that he could have married this successful business woman or this extremely wise college professor if he’d come back in time.

Being broken with a person you love - it’s a big emotional pain. If this pain isn’t fought, it can lead to depressions and numerous changes in person’s psychological state! You surely don’t want these consequences, do you? Then first of all try to understand the reason why you broke up: did he leave you or did he find another woman. If he left you, the only way of getting your ex boyfriend is to change yourself. Does your ex boyfriend still love you? Then you have a good chance to get him back. If he found another love you have two ways of fixing this unpleasant situation: first is to cry out your pain to your dear friends and the other one is (if you really need this) - you can try to return your ex love.

Ok, so he has left you for another woman. What should you do? First of all you have to take a revenge on her. In that way you will treat your self-sufficiency well and show your ex boyfriend how wrong he was when he was choosing between the two of you. And also you will show her that she is a real bitch, and you are an angel, who is just spending some time on the Earth. Then you have to make him realize that he can’t lose his most amazing and dearest treasure, which is you of course, and then your ex will want to start dating you immediately. In some time he’ll start to understand that you and only you bring him happiness, and exactly at this moment you’ll show him how big your soul is and that you are ready to embrace him strongly! Some definite actions are described below. More information can be found in the e-book "Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back"

Remember that in any case he shouldn’t suspect you of wanting to get him back. The main thing is – he should have a lot of initiative, he must realize what a bad boy he was and evaluate all your good qualities.So how can you make this work? If you like extravagant ways, you can find a professional detective agency which checks the faithfulness of lovers in a couple or marriage. Such services are popular among the businessmen who try to find out the truth about their girlfriends. The agency will find a suitable and extremely handsome man for your female rival (the woman, your ex left you for) and this man will seduce her. If you can’t afford the services of a professional seducer, you have to find a good friend who will be eager to work as a fake seducer for your rival. The main criterion for a seducer is being ambitious, venturesome and funny. Of course your ex boyfriend should not be acquainted with your fellow guy, the one who will help you.

As a result you’ll get some photos and videos which will be the evidence of the fact that this woman is cheating on your ex and her present boyfriend. Send these evidences to your dear’s workplace, to his office. Of course his secretary will look through the mail and find out everything; after her the whole office will know about the dirty cheater your ex is dating. Her reputation is definitely bad now. Either it works or not we should move forward. "Accidentally" bump into your ex boyfriend (I suppose you have some common friends left). Some calm music, wine, laughing and nice friendly conversation with your ex and maybe he’ll understand what a mistake he has done.

Don’t think that a seduction of your rival will be quick. It may take some time. If you want to see your boyfriend’s reaction on the evidence, send them to your address at first, and then tell him that apparently someone has mixed the addresses and sent you a porn film. Offer him to watch it together and have a good laugh. Then the only thing you have to do - is observing his reaction while watching the film. You’ll get a terrific satisfaction!

Of course these are very radical ways to win back your ex. There are some saner ways to get him back as a friend. You can not openly try to meet him, but you probably still have some common friends. That’s why you have to meet him “by chance” as often as you can in your very best outfit. You even may flirt with other men to play with his self-confidence and vanity.

Of course you should never forget about some usual “women only know” rules:

- Your every move should be free and should demonstrate your body in the best possible way. - Try telling some risky jokes while you look him in the eye. - Definitely try artistic smoking. - Speak in a sweet language. - Put a chainlet around your beautiful finger. - Remember about an elegant position “crossed legs”. - A sleek look: you look at him but in a moment you look down, like you are a shy girl. - A sincere and interested smile. - Remember to play with a thin bracelet on your wrist. - Give him a thankful look as a respond to his compliment. - Sometimes wear a bit more free and frank clothes than you usually wear. - From time to time send him a funny e-mail which can really work if you are still good friends. - Do some smooth moves along your hair with your hand. - A short but very interested look and a shy smile. - Don’t forget about playing with your earring.

But do not let him easily seduce you! Another way to play with his vanity is, as we mentioned above, your quick romance with another man. He'll try to find out how you managed to forget him that quickly or he may feel jealousy. As all men like to feel themselves powerful, he'll try to get you back. In this case you should play a little hard to get. If you are in his bed after few drinks, he’ll never be your true love again. But if your boyfriend left you, and didn’t find another woman, before you start the operation “does my ex boyfriend still love me?” you have to understand why did you broke up? You have to understand yourself and find the reasons of the broking up in yourself.

First of all you simply have to realize that you won’t see him for a while. This time you will use for thinking about your own feelings and a break. Why did your relationships get worse? Don’t forget about your looks. It has to be astonishing always as you can’t know where you can meet him. Your haircut, dress, shoes, sexiness, stylish cloths and a manicure – everything has to be perfect! It is an important weapon in this war. You have to find yourself a hobby, that can take your mind away from all these thoughts about how to get your ex boyfriend back and your break up. The less you think about it, the better your mood will be.

Don’t become nervous when you see your ex. Let him know that you are a self sufficient individual and you can live your life perfectly without him. Men are very swollen-headed and they like when women suffer because of their break. They want women to wait for exes to come back. If you show him that you are not interested in him anymore, that you are in very high spirits, he’ll start falling for you first. In some time you can offer him to meet and have a talk about your past relationships, why they became empty, what the reason was, what can be changed and improved. If he doesn’t show any interest in what you are talking about, you don’t have to press him, give him some time to think it over.

And before you begin doing all that listed stuff, you’d better think if you need that returning to your past. Isn’t it better to start living a new exciting life? You may think that a guy can change in a better way but still the problems will remain. And if you had a break once, you might have it again if you try to be together. But if you are still sure you want him, read the book "Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back". It contains many detailed hints, ways and tricks which could help you to get back together with your ex.