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Very often after quarrel with the loved one you feel a rage and improbable insult, it is unpleasant for you to be near to this person and the ice cold in a breast does not allow to breathe normally. And you do not know what to do with this. Each psychologist in such situation will advise to you to sit down and to discuss a problem with the partner. However you more than once tried to arrive in a similar way and know from personal experience that as soon as you will try to explain, what exactly has offended you and that new quarrel not to avoid ukrainian singles. The psychologist will tell you frankly that you are right. Yes, everyone wants to speak out and show another his feelings. But as you have already guessed the main thing is how you will discuss your problem. To try to prove something to the partner even speaking silently and easy in the hard situation is very difficult.

Thus your loved one feels similar contradictory feelings. Nobody wishes to come back to a painful theme, but also no one want to leave this feelings inside. But if you suggest him to discuss a situation in this "special" way he will listen to you for certain.

Everything is very simple. The psychologist advises to sit down opposite to each other, in advance having agreed about who will speak the first. And by turns without interrupting to show your deep insult and to describe the vision of a problem to the partner. Further to exchange roles. Thus the listener should not interrupt even if he with something in a root does not agree. When you finished, it is necessary to tell each other: «I understand your insult and a pain and I will try to do so that you were happy with me». After that it is not necessary to discuss more than anything simply embrace each other.

Utility of this method that everyone feels. Everyone can express the pain and insult.

Solve your disputes using this method and yours relations become much warmer.