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Today, the concept of marriage is vulnerable to consistent changes along with the concept of family. The modern society changes its traditional view on marriage and family, which become rather formal than actual social unit. In such a situation, galloping divorce rates are practically a norm and marriage problems are widely-spread and need the assistant of professionals who can counsel couples and help them to tackle their problems in their marriage ukrainian women for marriage. At the same time, marriage counseling is a very complicated and challengeable task because it involves efforts not only from the part of professionals who assist to counseling but also from the part of both spouses and sometimes it may need the assistance of children and other relatives of spouses to tackle their problems in marriage successfully. The development of the modern society contributes to the change of the concept of marriage because relationships between spouses tend to become more and more liberal. At the same time, the liberalization of relationships between spouses puts under a threat the marriage itself. In such a situation, many families confront serious problems. The individual liberty and the desire of spouses to preserve their independence and autonomy even after the marriage leads to seduction of spouses to develop extramarital relationships that is another serious threat to a successful marriage. Today, seduction stories are practically a norm of the life of an average family. At the same time, these seduction stories are one of the major causes of the marriage failure.

In such a situation, many families need professional counseling. However, professional marriage counseling is expensive and many families cannot afford marriage counseling. Moreover, many families are just skeptical about the effectiveness of professional marriage counseling and they just prefer to break up their relationships instead of asking for the assistance of professional counselors. On the other hand, the professional marriage counseling can be offered for free for spouses just to try whether it can help to smooth their relationships or not. At first, free marriage counseling can help spouses to decide whether to continue marriage counseling or stop it. After that it is possible to provide marriage counseling on a regular basis.

Thus, modern couples need marriage counseling to maintain their positive relationships in their marriage. The complexity of the modern life and the high level of individualism threaten to the survival of marriage and family. Hence, marriage counseling becomes crucial for the survival of marriage and family.