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Websites for mail order husbands

Besides men and women who are trying to find their love at russian ladies free dating services there are also people who cheat and make money at human feelings.

We are talking about scammers, who are specializing at foreigners. Scammers use worldwide net for their operations. All we know stories when several people from small Russian town had used photos of cute ladies and registered at dating services. They were talking to foreigners, asked them to send money to purchase an air ticket to the US, to make VISA, etc. They were caught, but no one knows how many foreigners have sent them their money websites for mail order husbands, as they really believed that their second half would come to their place.

There are different sites where guys tell the stories from their life of how they were tricked by scammers, mentioned names of young russian ladies who are supposed to be scammers. So don’t ask and beg for anything as it would be rather hard to approve that you are not a scammer.

But also there are men-scammers. They usually tell stories that they are divorced with a child, they got in accidents, they are ill and all they need is money for ticket to come to Russia. Don’t believe in these stories. Don’t send any cent. All expenses should be performed by bride agencies, which services you are using.

We would like also to tell you that sometimes foreigners come to Russia, meet single russian girls, take them to their place and leave in a couple of month. After those men get back to marriage services for a new girl. The problem is that they want every time any one new. They fill bored when get used to a person. Thus, don’t go abroad if you are not sure or do not believe for 100% to a person you are talking to at a site.

Don’t forget that Internet is full of people who are trying to make money at feelings, preferences and love of others. It doesn’t mean that you should not believe to anyone, but be attentive. If you find any suspicious in a person, his words or deeds, contact your manager at bride agency. Let professionals do their work. At least it will save you from money loose.