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More recently in the community the impression that mainly through the Internet are introduced losers. Now this statement is absolutely not true. A lot of interesting, honest, intelligent, but unfortunately, single people can not find a mate because of various reasons. And almost always dating sites for them - the only way. However, people with profound intrapersonal problems are also present.

So what are the advantages of dating online?

Usually, in order to learn, using the Internet dating service - no need to pay anything. You register a profile, describing yourself and your desires at the expense of the person to whom it would like to meet you, use the search, select from the database of questionnaires www russian girls com, those who you really are interested in, getting started, emailing, and if you like - and then meet with other users.

With online dating the interlocutors do not see each other. Of course you can see in the questionnaires and 5 and 10 photos, but the emphasis is not primarily in the photo, and the correspondence. But it is in this man can fully discover his own soul, to show their style of communication, and character. This is the same as talking on the phone, but despite the fact that the sides can not hear each other - they just share information, and not just information, but the thoughts, feelings ... probably all know the advantages of correspondence whether paper, whether on the internet. The interviewee did not immediately see your message, you should consider how to formulate a proposal or response to a question. Only here conversations over the Internet much faster.

Another positive aspect of dating in the usa - some privacy. If during a correspondence over the internet you know what to talk with someone useless conversation at an impasse or find some unpleasant moments - at any time to interrupt a conversation without fearing that you will run over and continue to impose themselves, unless of course you had not left his address and phone number.

You do not need to justify to anyone why you came to online dating service. Maybe you have little time for dating in real life, most of the time you work hard at work, or solve problems in the home are not conducive to other dating situation. Can you shy and afraid to learn about looking into his eyes. Or maybe you really such a fate and you have no luck with acquaintances in real life. And more. Do you have lots of free time? Of course not. You have created a profile on the site. Now she does it for you, for you yourself will write those she really interested. And you look at it and read, reply to, use other convenient features on the site and yourself from time to time you will find profiles that interest you, because Internet access is available around the clock, and even if you have not been for a long time on the Internet - All messages from other users remain and be sure to reach you!

And finally on the internet if you want you can always present yourself nicely! (Already pros and cons everyone knows), so that everyone has a chance to become almost a king or queen in your area on a site or forum, especially if used skillfully written language to be interesting and sincere. After you meet online with the same people like you - those who thirst for new acquaintances.

Now you can see, the chance to meet and be noticed by those who really need you in using the Internet and a dating service just abound!

Of course questionnaire - a necessary and very important. Here we give advice for beginners - how better to fill out a questionnaire to the effect of this was the best.

Attention, here and below we assume that you went to the dating site is not to poprikalyvatsya - but to just get acquainted, and have plans to continue dating a more or less the actual situation. Maybe we are not about marriage or marriage, but in any case, a date in real life is assumed.

From all this it necessarily important is honesty in the questionnaire. No need to lie about apparently read by the factors - weight, height, hair color, social status, etc. Naturally the proportions of Brad Pitt or some Angelina Jolie will lead many more. And of course usually the only feeling that anyone feels when he sees that he clearly lied - irritation. And the prospects for relations become negative. So - do not lie. Be honest when you talk about yourself - it will only benefit.

Do not be afraid to stand out. In most cases, people have a tendency - not to stand out. Know the Internet is absolutely unacceptable. You absolutely no one will notice. Are you into Dostoevsky, collecting stamps, playing jazz, looking for traces of aliens on Earth, trying to teach fish to understand human speech - necessarily write about it. Because, first of all, it will provide you exactly from the many other forms. Secondly - you know, you are not alone in his enthusiasm. And there's a good chance of finding a person who has the same or similar attachments. So write about yourself as much as possible, and more.

But do not overdo it. Try to describe not only the full - but also accurately. As well as its requirements for potential friends as well. If you are interested in Buddhism - that it is Buddhism, and you are fond of, but not religions of the East - why do you abuse the Hare Krishnas and other Shaolin? Therefore, the accuracy and specificity - that is exactly what you should always keep in mind when filling out the questionnaire.

One more important moment. Try to describe it myself, what a what you have and do not attempt to describe a certain character, which you, for example, plan to become. You can write exactly that plan. Or to describe the ideal that you think should appeal to precisely the opposite sex to whom you wish to get. In most cases, do not like it, more like it - but just the opposite. Remember, "So I came to say that you do not count on me!"

That is, if you draw a line under all the advice, the most important thing when looking for a serious, with more or less real consequences of dating on the Internet - is honesty. Honesty in describing themselves and honesty in describing the requirements for a partner. It will be immediately assessed.